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Tarot Reading Books: 6 Books You Need to Get Started

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Tarot reading is a unique way to get information, inspiration, and guidance from enigmatic cards.

A tarot reading involves choosing cards, laying them out, and interpreting them. When you select the cards, you can ask questions or ask for universal clues. Then, you arrange the cards in a specific order and explore their symbolism and the interactions between them.

A tarot reading can help you gain insight into your life, make decisions, find inspiration, and understand your emotions. It can be a tool for self-reflection and self-development.

Together with Tarotoo, we’ve compiled a list of tarot books suitable for anyone interested in tarot reading. There, you’ll find additional resources to help expand your knowledge and skills in this fascinating field.

The origin of the word “Tarot”

It comes from the Italian word “Tarocchi,” which came from the French word “Tarot”. Initially, “Tarot” was the name of a deck of cards that originated in Europe in the XV century. Over time, this word came to denote the very system of divination and self-knowledge using these cards. So, the word “Tarot” has its roots in European culture and history.

Tarot and self-knowledge

Tarot reading helps us to understand ourselves and our emotions better. Tarot cards become a tool for deep inner immersion and development. They help uncover hidden aspects of our personality and shed light on our life path. I want to suggest the book “Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot” by Rachel Pollack to help you learn more about it. This book is your guide to the symbolism and meaning behind each of the cards in the Tarot deck.

Expanding intuition in the tarot realm

Expanding your intuition in the realm of tarot is very important for a deeper understanding of the cards and their symbolism. Reading books such as The Ultimate Guide to Tarot” by Liz Dean and “365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day” by Sasha Graham will help develop your intuition and confidence when working with tarot.

The book offers clear explanations of each card and the layouts, as well as exercises to help improve your ability to feel and interpret the cards’ energy. Besides reading books, regular practice with tarot cards and trusting your intuition also play essential roles in expanding your intuition. So don’t be afraid to experiment and trust your feelings!

Different approaches to tarot reading

Let’s talk about different approaches to tarot readings! There are many other methods and approaches to using tarot, each with its own peculiarities and advantages.

Some people prefer the classical approach to Tarot reading, based on the symbolism and meanings of the cards. They study the tarot’s history and traditions to understand better each card’s meanings and interactions in a layout. This allows them to make deep and detailed interpretations.

Other people prefer an intuitive approach to tarot reading. They listen to their inner gut and intuition, letting the cards speak to them without preconceived knowledge of the symbolism.

This approach allows them to use the cards to communicate with their subconscious mind and gain deep insights.

Now, about the book, I would also recommend you read “The Ultimate Guide to Tarot” by Liz Dean. This book is a comprehensive guide to Tarot to help you learn the basics and expand your knowledge. It contains detailed descriptions of each card, various readings, and practical tips for tarot reading.

In conclusion, the best tarot books are a real treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge.

They will help you dive into the wonderful world of cards and uncover their secrets. Reading these books will not only help you master the art of divination but will also bring new levels of self-knowledge and spiritual growth into your life.

Remember that tarot is not only a divination tool but also a way to understand yourself and the world around you. So feel free to look into these books and discover the magic of tarot!

A list of the best books to help you learn

What are your favorite tarot books? Share your suggestions in the comments below.


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