You never know what awaits you there when you start unraveling the tangle that drags you into the mist of the Forest of Dean, with its lingering scent and crackling, closer to the mullioned windows of the old manor…
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So, you must have watched The Peripheral TV series that premiered on the screen in October 2022 and beautifully wove time travel with an amazing sci-fi story. Probably, that’s why you’re here reading the review of The Peripheral by William Gibson. It’s one of Gibson’s most approachable and engaging novels, which had been unfairly out of sight until The Peripheral series boosted everyone’s interest in the book itself, provoking great turbulence.
This debut novel by Alex Michaelides spent over a year on the NYT bestseller list and sold in 49 countries. A well-conceived atmospheric story, with edginess, darkness, and richness of characters, The Silent Patient has a screen adaptation in the works, with Brad Pitt listed as a producer.

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