The website (Booklyst.net) respects the privacy of its users. You will find detailed information about our privacy policy below.


What is the purpose of this document?


  • This document is used to share information about the type of information collected by Booklyst from its users and how this information is further used.


  • This privacy policy refers to Booklyst only. Booklyst does not take any responsibility for the actions/behavior of websites/online resources mentioned on Booklyst.


What personal data are collected and why do we collect it


  • Comments. To leave a comment on Booklyst, you have to enter your email address and name. This is the only personal information collected by Booklyst. We do not sell, share or rent any of the personal information of our users.


What other data are collected?


  • While visiting Booklyst, such non-personal information as IP address, cookie files, URLs of visited pages are automatically collected by analytics system of Google (more details below).




  • By visiting Booklyst, cookie files are saved automatically. A ‘cookie’ is a file that helps us understand that you have visited our website. These files also help us understand if it is your first visit to the website. Cookie files help us evaluate and see how many people visit Booklyst on a monthy/daily basis and what content do visitors prefer. You can read more about cookie files here: Cookies: What Do They Do?


  • Most internet browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can always set up or turn off the usage of cookies completely.


Google Analytics


  • Booklyst is using Google Analytics to analyze and observe the behavior of visitors to the website. Google Analytics is assigning a unique user ID to every visitor and this is how this analytics is realized.


  • With the help of Google Analytics Booklyst can see the location, actions, operating system, internet browser, and device used by visitors when visiting Booklyst website. All of this information is tracked only to improve the website experience.


  • You can always refuse to use Google Analytics. To do so, you will need to do the necessary changes to your internet browser. More information about how this is done may be found online.


Acceptance of these terms


  • By using this website, you agree to the privacy policy terms described on this page.


Changes to the privacy policy


  • Booklyst holds the right to amend the privacy policy at any time without any notice. To stay up to date, please visit this page and read if any changes have been made.




If you have any questions or suggestions, please use our contact form to get in touch with us: https://booklyst.net/contact/.


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