The Big Brother’s eye won’t be watching you from all 1984...
This debut novel by Alex Michaelides spent over a year on the NYT bestseller list and sold in 49 countries. A well-conceived atmospheric story, with edginess, darkness, and richness of characters, The Silent Patient has a screen adaptation in the works, with Brad Pitt listed as a producer.
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Need a totally heart-stirring audio adventure? Verity audiobook is an ultimate hair-raiser that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time you listen to the story.
Imagine mythological Greece, the homeland of gods and heroes… The Song of Achilles audiobook can easily draw this vivid picture in your mind’s eye and caress your ears with the vibrations of love and bravery.
Have you ever felt that bubbling thrill mingled with warmth in your heart, looking at someone so special to you? What about your first love? When Jason, a dimpled boy with chocolate eyes, appears in front of little Olive, he wins her over with his charms, but she keeps her attraction to him a secret. Jason becomes her brother’s best mate and lures her all the time, being so close, just across the room.

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