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Four Ways to Become an Interesting Person

If you had to spend every minute of your life with one person, how would you feel? Understandably, you would hope that the person was someone who was interesting to be around. By now, you might have already guessed that the person we are talking about is no one else but you.

This aspect also leads to the one big question that everyone’s life journey is about: how to be someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Here is how to be an interesting person.

Be Fully Present

To be interesting, you will want to be fully present in the moment, which means that when you talk to someone, you are only talking to them. When you are fully present in life, you see life in colors; however, when you are not fully present, you will see and experience life as colorless.

Presence brings out color, and it makes you and everything around you more vivid. When you are fully present in the moment, your life experiences become richer. Also, your interactions with other people become richer to the point that your entire life becomes richer.

To become a more interesting person, you will want to be fully present in the moment and every interaction you have. But, you will also want to be fully present with yourself today and every day.

You will want to be able to fully engage with what you are doing. When you fully participate in life and experience life one moment after the other, people can tell from your vibe and the energy you exude that you are participating and living the moment.

The way you engage with others tells them that you are listening, as you are able to point out details that perhaps the people you are interacting with haven’t noticed. Being fully present in the moment simply means paying attention.

Let’s say, you are having a conversation with someone, you will want to pay your full attention to that person and to what they are saying and to what you are saying. Now, depending on your situation and who you are, being fully present might not always be easy. It might take a lot of practice, especially when you have a wandering mind.

However, whenever this happens, you should try to consciously bring your attention back to what you are doing.

Be Open-Minded

To be an interesting person, you will want to have an open mind. This means that you don’t want to immediately dismiss ideas, perspectives, or experiences that feel uncomfortable or foreign to you. To spark interest in you and others, you will want to get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable.

Let’s say you are good at writing but fear rejection; even in this case, you will want to give writing a shot and let your self-doubts and fear of failure rest while diving head over heels into the writing project. Write every day until you have a draft ready.

Speaking of writing, you will want to ensure you get the hook right. You might want to check out how to write a book hook and how to capture your readers’ attention from the very start so that they will be sitting on the edge and wondering what might happen next.

Nonetheless, to live an interesting life, you will want to be open-minded. As starters, you might want to read a book or listen to a podcast by someone who holds a very different view than you. Also, don’t be afraid of taking challenges. Instead of sitting and waiting around for your views to be challenged, you will want to be the seeker, step forward, and ask questions.

Also, don’t be afraid of seeking out information that might even challenge your basic beliefs instead of just information that confirms what you already believe to be true. This aspect is also known as confirmation bias.  

Have Your Own Perspective

It is perfectly okay not to have an opinion on everything, which also means it is okay to be indifferent to things. It is also quite acceptable to keep your opinions to yourself and not voice them every time something comes up that might intrigue you to say something.

While it is okay to keep your opinion to yourself, it is also okay to admit when you don’t know enough about a certain topic. But if you find yourself never expressing your opinion to others or yourself, you might want to ask yourself why that might be.

Perhaps you don’t share your opinion because you are afraid of being judged. It could also be that you don’t like to be disagreed with. Or, you could have the fear of upsetting people and being disliked. It could also be that you are passive and apathetic.

Also, if you do express an opinion, you will want to make sure that it is something that you absolutely believe in instead of being something that you said to make you feel accepted or included. Having one’s own perspective is crucial to becoming an interesting person.

Improve Your Knowledge

If you want to be more interesting inside out, you will want to know things and improve your general knowledge. This aspect perfectly explains why book readers are more interesting than those who never pick up a book.

You have one life to live, and by reading books, you can live so many more lives through the opinions, beliefs, and knowledge of others. Knowledge can benefit you in various ways; however, it mainly benefits you as it can help you become better at decision-making. General knowledge also helps you get better equipped for the world and the different aspects of the world that you might have to deal with.

Knowledge also benefits you professionally and socially. Generally, people like other people who are up-to-date on current events and consume interesting media. However, you will want to ensure to consume the right type of knowledge, and while you are at it, don’t shy away from consuming knowledge that lies outside your interest zone.


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