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The Silent Patient Audiobook

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“Blood was everywhere….”

That’s what you hear in Part One of The Silent Patient audiobook. Then there’s the wall, “sprayed with fragments of skull, brains, hair,” and even more blood, “running in dark rivulets along the floor.”

Naturally. Because it’s a psychological crime thriller.

This debut novel by Alex Michaelides spent over a year on the NYT bestseller list and sold in 49 countries.

A well-conceived atmospheric story with edginess, darkness, and richness of characters, The Silent Patient has a screen adaptation in the works, with Brad Pitt listed as a producer.

The Silent Patient audiobook is ranked #3 in the list of best sellers among psychological thrillers.

The Silent Patient – Plot Overview

Killing a husband after seven years of marriage. Why would a wife do that?

The flawlessness of life and the artist’s career are ruined as Alicia shoots her husband in the face. She’s being kept now in a special psychiatric establishment.

No remorse, no explanations, not a word uttered ever since the murder. Neither denial of guilt nor a confession.

Madness is the reason, then. Is she mad, indeed? And is she the killer?

Theo Faber, an expert in criminal psychotherapy, is eager to “repair” Alicia, as her case captivates him.

Will she ever say anything at all?

Spoiler: she will, but in such a voice (with the narrator’s skill to evoke trepidation) that it will stir you with an overdose of emotional intensity and chill.

Listen to the audiobook and feel that yourself. Consider some similar books to The Silent Patient here if you can’t live without engrossing and tense stories.

Who’s the Narrator of The Silent Patient Audiobook?

The Silent Patient is narrated by two professionals: Louise Brealey and Jack Hawkins.

Louise Brealey

An English actress, editor, and writer, Louise Brealey is best known as Molly Hooper, a pathologist from the Sherlock series.

She has got countless TV, film, and theater credits under her belt.

Jack Hawkins

Jack Hawkins has been voicing over games, commercials, and audiobooks.

He can also boast of his singing talent and screenwork in British and American TV series.

Shivering From Suspense With This Couple

Their convincing voices crawl into your brain, paint pictures, and personify the characters, making them so emotionally resonant.

As you slowly worm your way into Alicia’s mind, mainly through the diary entries told by Louise Brealey, simultaneously, you feel the strength of Theo’s thoughts and contemplations fueled by Jack Hawkins’ powerful voice.

If with Hawkins, you only tip your toes into the suspenseful fog of sounds, with Brealey, you dive right in.

Sometimes, her voice goes down to soft whispering that ripples tenderly but deliberately so that you wish your heartbeat would stop to hear what happens next.

Peculiarity and Length of The Silent Patient Audiobook

The Silent Patient audiobook listening journey is worth 8 hours and 51 minutes dedicated to it.

The vividness of the murder described at the beginning is completely overlapped by the unclarity behind the enigma, powerfully spiced up by the audiobook narrators.

Get your audiobook, keep quiet, and listen more carefully because there’s much The Silent Patient can tell you, despite the novel’s title.


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