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To Love Jason Thorn – Not a Classical Romance Novel You Will Love

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What does it mean to love Jason Thorn?

It will definitely take you a while to explain it, even after reading the book.

“To Love Jason Thorn” is a not-so-trivial YA fiction by Ella Maise, an American writer of Swedish origin and author of contemporary romance bestsellers.

She also plays with the comedy genre in her novels, narrating amusing episodes, giving you a little chuckle-bait, and throwing dazzling fireworks of hilarity afterwards.

You’ll see yourself reading “To Love Jason Thorn,” the first story in the “Love & Hate” series, which made it to Amazon #12 and became an international bestseller.

So, what is Love Jason Thorn about?

To Love Jason Thorn Book Summary

Have you ever felt that bubbling thrill mingled with warmth in your heart, looking at someone so special to you?

What about your first love?

When Jason, a dimpled boy with chocolate eyes, appears in front of little Olive, he wins her over with his charms, but she keeps her attraction to him a secret.

Jason becomes her brother’s best mate and lures her all the time, being so close, just across the room.

Then, he breaks her heart, even without knowing it himself.

Little Olive grows into a shy writer whose book is now beating all the ratings.

Plus, it’s gonna be made into a movie!

To her utter stupefaction, the same Jason Thorn will be starring in it.

But he’s far from being the same now – annoying-hot-jerk, aka illustrious-and-rich actor Jason Thorn, with such an indecent reputation for having done everything with everyone (aka a sex god in the sex pool) that he scares his employers away.

Fearing he can fail again, his PR managers work out a devilish plan.

Why not make a bad guy marry a good girl and show he’s normal?

Any volunteers to become his date or wife?

You might have guessed that Olive is his career and life savior.

Can they keep pretending to be blissfully in love with each other with all hesitations and obstacles?

Read the novel to see how well (or not always well) they can play their roles (in public and in bed, too – winks).

Two POVs and Two Loves

Jumping between Olive’s and Jason’s points of view throughout the plotline, Ella Maise gives each of the characters equal billing and makes you feel for both of them.

How it Feels To Love Jason Thorn – Olive’s Love

First, there were doubts and secret love.

Then, there was separation, and Olive’s broken heart was left behind.

Jason didn’t kill the butterflies in her stomach, though.

They just fell asleep and then suddenly woke up and began fluttering their wings again once they felt his presence.

Here’s how love looks like from Olive’s perspective:

♥When he shakes your hand for the first time, and you don’t want to wash it, ever;

♥When he tugs a piece of your hair, and you start dancing on the clouds inside;

♥When he’s your “favorite person in the whole wide world,” but he smashes your heart into the tiniest ever fragments, and you can’t find the missing ones lying somewhere in the deepest corners of your soul;

♥When his laugh is entrancing;

♥When your heart is screaming against your chest, while emotions are waging war inside you every time you see him;

And more! There’s still so much more in the novel.

How it Feels To Love Olive Taylor – Jason’s Love

There’s the depth you won’t be able to grasp at first.

The traumas and disappointments from the past made Jason bury his true self in the farthest corners of his soul and put on a disguise (a badass rich guy) so that to never let himself show his vulnerability.

Olive is the one to help him take this mask off.

Jason’s love is gentle, soothing, and caring. He’s always there for her.

Here’s what it feels like to love Olive Taylor:

♥When her teardrop is resting on your fingertip, and you feel a tug on your heartstrings;

♥When the sparkles in her shining green eyes make your heart leap;

♥When she smells like fresh and sweet apples;

♥When your world is spinning, and she makes it spin ever faster

♥When you’re both reveling in the supreme pleasure but longing for more;

There are even more “whens”. And goosebumps, and so butterfly-soft and caressing touches, as well as feverish begging and groaning.

To Love or Not To Love Jason & Olive?

Even Ella Maise herself couldn’t stop loving Jason and Olive for a second.

She was so obsessed with the characters and the development of their relationships, actually, that she couldn’t make a full stop in the story.

Ella had to force herself to block her imagination flow because of the word limit.

The captivating love between Olive and Jason will literally absorb you into the novel’s pages.

“To Love Jason Thorn” will make you chuckle, and moan, and sigh, and gasp.

Some parts are so bittersweet, while others will have you rolling with laughter.

Grab the book and never let it go till you feel the purr of those finest words, sweeter than palm wine.

P.S.: You’ll also adore Lucy, Olive’s crazy-and-hilarious best friend!

How well she fits this role, doesn’t she? Share your thoughts in the comments after reading.


How many pages does To Love Jason Thorn have?

The printed edition is 428 pages long.

How old is Olive in To Love Jason Thorn at the beginning?

Olive is only six when she sees Jason for the first time.

What are the age restrictions of To Love Jason Thorn?

“To Love Jason Thorn” age rating is not restricted, but there are some too-steamy-and-intimate sexytimes that may be inappropriate for readers under 18.

Does To Love Jason Thorn have a sequel?

While it’s the first book in the To Love Jason Thorn series, the second one, “To Hate Adam Connor,” isn’t a sequel. The stories are unrelated and can be treated as standalone.


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