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The Verity Audiobook

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Need a totally heart-stirring audio adventure?

Verity audiobook is an ultimate hair-raiser that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time you listen to the story.

Currently, it tops the list of audiobooks in the Romantic Suspense category on Amazon.

Verity is Colleen Hoover’s nail-biting bestseller which is often referred to as half-romance-half-thriller.

What’s Verity About?

A husband – Jeremy Crawford.

A feeble and bedridden wife, bestselling writer – Verity Crawford.

A lover-to-be novelist – Lowen Ashleigh who’s hired by Jeremy to finish Verity’s books.

A typical love triangle – what could be less clichéd?

It would be a trivial scenario if it hadn’t been Colleen Hoover who wrote the novel. She throws extraordinarity at you and avoids clichés in everything she writes.

When Lowen finds Verity’s autobiography, this manuscript leads her to total confusion.

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Have you come for Verity audiobook only?

Grab it straight away or read on to learn about its narrators.

Narrators of Verity Audiobook

Peer into the short bios of Amy Landon and Vanessa Johansson, who voiced over Verity audiobook.

Amy Landon

An Audie nominee, Earphones Award winner, and American actress, Amy Landon has narrated beyond 300 audiobooks.

She has excelled in voicing over various book genres, commercials, and video games.

Vanessa Johansson

The elder sister of the world-famous Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Johansson, is an American theater/movie actress, director, and also award-winning narrator.

Her works total in more than 60 titles recorded: from mysteries and autobiographies to children’s literature.

Verity Audiobook Duration and Narrators’ Work

Verity audiobook offers you 8 hrs and 10 mins of cascading intrigue that engulfs you from the inside out.

As Lowen’s paranoia grows while reading Verity’s abominable confessions in her manuscript, Vanessa Johansson (who voices her) leads you by hand through concern, apprehension, then anxiety, and finally, terror.

Vanessa’s compelling narrative style and characterization particularly stand out, making Jeremy a likable, highly enigmatic character, too.

Her voice makes Jeremy’s words settle in your stomach and catch fire, especially when it comes to their intimacy with Lowen.

Spoiler: there’s a steamy sex marathon.

Through the calmness and deepness in Amy Landon’s voice (as she portrays the disabled wife), Verity’s labyrinths of thoughts electrify you to the core.

Especially when some gruesome explanations arise in her autobiography.

Verity turns into a heartless and uncaring, even cruel, heroine – so well Amy forces listeners to despise her, making Verity sound like a psycho.

However, when Amy narrates the part with the letter at the end, you don’t believe yourself anymore.

Everything becomes so weird and complicated, your ethical balance is shattered, and you slowly develop a distrust to what you hear. It is an unexplainable feeling when ambiguity leaves morality in ruins.

You definitely need to listen to Verity audiobook and see what this entrancing, dark-and-twisted story does to you.

Here’s the Amazon link.


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