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The Song of Achilles Audiobook

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Imagine mythological Greece, the homeland of gods and heroes… The Song of Achilles audiobook can easily draw this vivid picture in your mind’s eye and caress your ears with the vibrations of love and bravery.

When a classics teacher decides to write a book, no way you get anything else than a masterfully-crafted novel.

Madeline Miller, the author of The Song of Achilles and tutor specializing in Latin and Greek, created an epic drama full of romance and devotion, which are brought to the surface even more clearly by the audiobook narrator.

The audiobook itself reached #12 in Amazon Best Sellers Rank among Audible Books & Originals in both Literary Fiction and Historical Fiction categories.

Is The Song of Achilles a Retelling of The Iliad?

The story is a novelistic adaptation of the classic tale “The Iliad” by Homer for modern readers.

Retelling it only partially, Madeline Miller concentrates on Achilles and Patroclus and their relationships – from their childhoods to the Trojan War.

The bond between the two friends becomes even stronger, even though Achilles’ mother despises Patroclus for being unworthy of her son and distastes their attachment to each other.

Patroclus’ clumsiness and awkwardness are far from the traits that Achilles possesses.

When Achilles decides to achieve glory in the war, kind and faithful Patroclus supports him along the way.

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The Song of Achilles Audiobook: Length and Narrator

Audiobook duration

The listening length of The Song of Achilles is 11 hrs and 15 mins.

However, this time flies by unnoticeably, as the audio storyteller brings all the heroes alive.

How well he manages to emphasize every personality with the power of voice!

Narrator of The Song of Achilles Audiobook

You can’t help but admire the voice-over talent of Frazer Douglas.

What Madeline Miller did with the text, with all her teacher’s expertise, Frazer Douglas did with the audiobook, with his professionalism of a British actor.

He’s also an author of the gripping spy thriller The Cassandra Complex.

The Subtleness and Tenderness of The Song of Achilles

Listening to The Song of Achilles audiobook, you will be enjoyably absorbing an elegant and exquisite voice, reproducing the well-cultured intelligence of the prince, Patroclus.

As the tale is told from his POV, Patroclus will have your whole heart with his deep personal feelings.

The skillful narration by Frazer Douglas leaves you no chance but to weep at how touching and devoted the protagonist is as he renders the subdued signature of sadness traced throughout the storyline.

The tenderness of Patroclus’ nature is indeed tangible in the tone of the narrator. It is opposed to the confidence and firmness in Achilles’ voice.

Each character’s utterance is worked so well and pronounced with artistic acting skill.

The Song of Achilles audiobook is worth listening to for Frazer Douglas’ melodically perfect voice alone, which is filled with loyalty, adoration, and sincerity immanent to Patroclus.

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