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The Plated Prisoner Series — Fantasy Retelling of Ancient Myth

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When it comes to fictional literature, we all know that magic and fantasy are always at the top of the list.

Why, you might ask?

Well, fantasy novels, with their superpowers, intricate worlds, and magical characters, are most people’s favorite book genre.

The fourth book in the “The Plated Prisoner” series, “Glow,” is currently making waves in the romance fantasy world as it is a King Midas retelling of the myth about how everything he touches turns to gold.

Though it mainly centers on Auren, a young girl whom Midas has turned golden and keeps in a gilded cage.

Raven Kennedy, one of the multigenre writers that can write in the fantasy, paranormal, dark romance, contemporary, and rom-com genres, is the author of this series.

Kennedy is a true Californian girl with a penchant for tea and dark chocolate. Moreover, her “The Plated Prisoner” books have become Amazon best-sellers.

The Plated Prisoner Guide: From The Beginning To The End

As the story begins, we find Auren as a naive and innocent young woman who has been the victim of several terrible situations. However, in each book, we see her learn to fight for herself.

Throughout the series, Kennedy kept us rooting for Auren and booing everyone who hurt her.

So, if you’ve been sucked into the buzz of a golden princess and her gilded cage and want to go in head-on, we recommend starting at the beginning.

Here is “The Plated Prisoner” guide to get you started.

Gild (2020)


In “Gild,” Raven Kennedy introduces readers to Auren, a young 25-year-old girl whom King Midas saves. Auren and Midas first met when she was 15 and working as a forced sex worker.

However, owing to Midas’ saving and gold-turning hand, Auren turns golden all around, except for her teeth and eyes.

She thought her troubles were over, and she had everything she needed: a warm bed, nice clothes, and a caring partner.

But, as the story progresses, we find that it was all in her head, and she is trapped in a gilded cage by none other than Midas.

Auren is a little too trusting, and her trust makes her vulnerable to King Midas’ predatory nature.

However, as the enemy kidnaps her, Auren learns that the walls that keep threats and dangers at bay are also the walls that suffocate her, and she must fight to escape being confined again.

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Glint (2021)

Released in 2021, “Glint” picks up just where “Gild” left off, with Auren kidnapped and at King Midas’ enemies’ mercy.

Auren is heartbroken to be separated from her king, but as she spends time with the people of the Fourth Kingdom, she discovers that they may not be the monsters she was warned of.

Not only that, but Auren meets Commander Rip, a brave soldier in the Fourth Kingdom army who helps her come out of her shell and encourages her to embrace her ribbon powers.

Auren begins to find a voice to speak up for herself, with Commander Rip and his trusty allies on her side, with whom she finds solace.

But, as fate would have it, Auren must decide whether she wants to fight for her freedom or give it up forever.

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Gleam (2021)


“Gleam” is the third book in the “The Plated Prisoner” series, and it continues the story of Auren and her determination to take revenge on King Midas.

Auren is trapped in a cage once more by Midas, and she is alone in an unfamiliar place with no one to rescue her. Except for one man, King Slade, whom Auren finds far too attractive.

Caught between her heart’s desire and her need for vengeance, Auren must fight to overcome the chains of confinement that Midas has fought too hard to build.

In doing so, Auren only needs to ensure her heart remains unharmed.

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Glow (2022)


“Glow” is the latest book in the series by Raven Kennedy and includes everything “The Plated Prisoner” fans love and adore.

Auren has come a long way since being imprisoned in a golden cage, kidnapped by the Rot King, and falling prey to Midas again.

Fortunately, no longer the meek girl who once found Midas’ attention enticing, Auren is the woman who wields world power and finally decides to take control of her destiny.

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Final Thoughts

From fantastical worlds to ruthless and gorgeous Kings and Queens, a loyal found family, secret magical powers, and much-needed character development, “The Plated Prisoner” series has it all.

Now that you’ve caught up, it’s time to start binge-reading from the beginning to the end.


Is “The Plated Prisoner” Series YA or Adult?

The “Plated Prisoner” series is meant for adults only, especially “Gild,” the first book, which contains multiple trigger warnings, including abuse, sexual violence, strong language, and enslavement.

How many books are there in the “The Plated Prisoner” series?

Four novels have been released, with “Glow” published just a few days ago, on June 18th, 2022.

Will “Glow” be the last book?

No, Kennedy has planned a total of five books for this series.

Is “The Plated Prisoner” a romantic series?

They aren’t purely romance novels, but dark fantasy novels with a few romantic themes.

Is there anything I can read about King Midas that is similar?

Yes, Annie Sullivan’s “A Touch of Gold” is about King Midas and his golden touch.


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