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Punk 57: Romance You Despise But Can’t Stay Away From

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Do you want to indulge in mystery and drama with a romantic spin? If yes, “Punk 57” is your next binge-read.

There is always that one writer whose books are a guilty pleasure for many readers, whether fantasy-generating, thriller-seeking, mystery-solving, or romance-loving.

However, sometimes a combination of mystery and romance is people’s greatest guilty pleasure, and we can’t blame them.

We already mentioned “Punk 57” by Penelope Douglas briefly in our previous article on authors similar to Colleen Hoover, but it deserves more space. It’s a book that can turn your reading time into a sexy mystery-solving time.

Penelope Douglas is fictional erotica and contemporary romance author. She has a few well-known titles to their name, including New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author.

Many readers have declared their writing style free, with words and phrases effortlessly lining up.

They aren’t afraid to write books about topics that are considered taboo by most people, which gives them authenticity. Their books have been translated into over 15 languages.

Moreover, some of their best works include the “Fall Away Series”, “The Devil’s Night Series”, and the standalones “Misconduct”, “Punk 57”, “Birthday Girl”, and “Credence”.

Right now Pen is working on two new works, so the list of bestsellers can be expanded pretty soon.

Punk 57: The plot revealed

“We were perfect for each other. Until we met”

In a romance book, there must be a hero, a heroine, and a villain, right? Well, “Punk 57” by Penelope Douglas has hero and villain traits woven into two characters equally.

You may be wondering how. That is, with a hero who can also be a villain and a villain who can also be a heroine.

It’s the kind of bully romance we all despise but can’t stay away from. This novel is the perfect example of all things mystery and romance woven into one story, from toxic heroes to dangerous villains and unsaid truths.

“Punk 57” has two main characters, Ryen and Misha, living in a nearby town. Both became pen pals in middle school due to their teachers’ incorrect assumption that they were of the same gender.

However, when they began writing letters to each other, they quickly discovered that Ryen was a girl and Misha was a boy.

To avoid complications, both of them continue to write notes on three conditions: no social media, no phone numbers, and no pictures.

Over the years, from arguing about pizza flavors to writing lyrics for Misha’s songs and venting about teenage life and its challenges, Misha and Ryen discovered something in each other they had never found before: a person who would simply listen without passing judgment.

Their anonymity kept them closed until Misha stopped responding to Ryen’s letters one day.

The story’s dynamic is so beautifully executed in letters that Ryen appears to be the ideal girl-next-door. But, in reality, she is precisely what she and Misha despise: a famous Queen Bee.

That wasn’t a problem until a new boy, Masen, showed up at school and made Ryen his daily target to bully, leaving no chance to torment her.

Despite his bullying, Ryen develops a strong bond with Masen, utterly unaware that Masen is her best friend, Misha, who ghosted her a few months ago.

The Characters

As the story progresses, we learn why Misha stopped writing to Ryen. His life had become unbalanced, hollow, and lonely due to a tragedy.

He has a big heart and loves and supports everyone who cannot stand up for themselves. Misha is that reliable friend who watches out for others and ensures their safety and happiness.

On the other hand, Penelope Douglas portrayed Ryen’s character as someone afraid to show the world her true colors.

As social popularity is still essential in high school, despite how mocked and toxic it is, Ryen was forced to hide her true self and become the polar opposite. A Queen Bee who enjoys tormenting those at the bottom of the high school social hierarchy.

When Misha and Ryen meet in real life, Misha shows Ryen that she doesn’t have to live a lie, that she can be herself and be accepted, and that she is perfect just the way she is.

“We’re all ugly, Ryen. The only difference is, that some hide it, and some wear it.”

Is There A Twist?

With a name like Penelope Douglas, how can there be no twists?

The unknown vandal revealing the shameful secrets of the students at Masen and Ryen school is one of the most thrilling twists in “Punk 57”.

Punk is a student who comes to school at night and draws graffiti on the walls, revealing some secrets people want to keep hidden forever.

Penelope Douglas wrote one heck of a story with a friends-to-enemies-to-lovers arc to bullying each other that keeps readers turning new pages until the wee hours of the morning.

Is There A Lesson In Punk 57 Book?

Since it’s a contemporary romance novel with a mystery twist, “Punk 57” is on everyone’s TBR list.

Aside from the apparent reason that it contains steamy scenes, complex characters, and twisted worlds, one fundamental reason is that no one should hide their true self to be accepted and included.

If one stays true to themselves and their personalities, they will find their place in the world.

“Just remember: it gets better, you are essential, and you can’t be replaced. Hang on. You’ll find your tribe”

Final Thoughts

“Punk 57” by Penelope Douglas is a beautifully written story about two friends who liked to keep their world a little less complex. And in doing so, made it a lot more complicated.

It’s a lovely contemporary love story that readers adore, complete with a cute happily ever after.

Though with Misha’s hot looks and Ryen’s rude persona, it’s undoubtedly your next binge read.

So, what are you holding out for?

Order “Punk 57” now on Amazon and immerse yourself in the world of Misha and Ryen, their adorable friendship, and their steamy love.


What exactly does the title mean?

We won’t spoil it for you because it’s revealed in the book. But we can give you a hint — it’s connected to Misha’s song.

Is Punk 57 spicy?

Yes, there are some spicy scenes.

Is Punk 57 suitable for teenagers?

No, it’s a New Adult novel, not a Young Adult. Also, there are sexual scenes and violence present in the book.

Is Punk 57 related to other works of the author?

It’s a standalone novel, but the actions occur in the same universe as the “Corrupt” novel.

Does Punk 57 have a sequel?

Not really, but characters from “Punk 57” appear in three other books: “Kill Switch”, “Conclave”, and “Nightfall”.


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