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Lucy Foley Books– the Great Selection of History Fiction and Mystery Thrillers

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What would you do if you heard some weird sounds and then something heavy being dragged across the floor in the apartment above, thinking it could be a corpse?

  • Listen more closely
  • Call the police
  • Write a murder mystery

Obviously, you’d choose the last variant if you were Lucy Foley, a NYT and Washington Post bestselling author.

That was, in fact, how she started writing “The Paris Apartment,” her latest release.

Lucy Foley – Biography & Interesting Facts

Short Bio

Lucy Foley is a British novelist who lives in London but travels to the farthest locations both in reality and on the page.

She studied English Literature at UCL and Durham universities. After graduation, Foley worked as a fiction editor before diving into her writer’s career.

Lucy Foley Books Awards

She’s got the following awards for “The Guest List” in 2020:

  • New York Times Best Thrillers of 2020
  • CWA Gold Dagger Award Longlist
  • Goodreads Choice Award for Mystery & Thriller

Foley’s Writing Rituals

To guarantee you absorbing reads, Lucy Foley has some rituals and habits:

  • Buzzy & noisy café
  • Lots of coffee
  • 2,000-word daily goal

What Type of Books Does Lucy Foley Write?

The first three of Lucy Foley books are historical fiction novels. Each story isn’t void of romance and secrecy.

However, when you start turning over the pages of her latest books, mysteries and murders pop up so unexpectedly, throwing thrill and utter disbelief at you.

Full List of Lucy Foley Books in Order

Lucy Foley’s Standalones

The Book of Lost and Found (2015)

The Book of Lost and Found

Kate’s devastated by the death of the closest person.

But when her grandmother gives her a portrait strikingly resembling her deceased mother, the enigma behind it urges her to discover what’s been hidden from her by the family.

The transitions between places and times will take you to Corsica, New York, Paris, and London, exposing bittersweet love stories of the 80s and 20s–40s, full of tragedies and dramas.

It’s a total mind-grabber with family history you wouldn’t expect to hear from anyone – the book is all yours.

The Invitation (2016)

The Invitation

Would you like to join a luxury yacht trip on the Italian Riviera and get soaked in the vibrancy of its destinations?

But before that, visit the Rome of the 50s.

At the party, you meet Hal, a journalist, and Stella. Who’s this enigmatic woman?

There’s irresistible magnetism between the two, but Stella vanishes so abruptly.

Hal sees her again on the yacht board. He’s obsessed with Stella’s secretive nature and wants to penetrate the unknown.

Buy your copy here to follow his discoveries (about other yacht guests, too).

Last Letter From Istanbul (2018)

Last Letter From Istanbul

The screaming bitterness of war was thrown at the citizens of Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 1921.

They are tormented by the sorrows and sufferings of occupation.

Nur, who lost her brother and husband at war, rescues an Armenian boy and “adopts” him.

When he gets ill, she’s forced to ask her enemy for medical help.

Nur should despise and mistrust the occupier. But can she? The story blurs the boundaries between morality, culture, innocence, and guilt.

It’s so much more than a slow burn about a forbidden love during wartime.

Read the novel to get your heart captured immediately.

The Hunting Party (2018)

The Hunting Party

A mix of contrasting old buddies from college + the hunting lodge + New Year’s Eve + heavy snowstorm, + the dead body = What a party!

With the cleverest manipulation of a suspense writer, Lucy Foley chills up your anticipation, hiding the victim’s identity as long as she can.

Read “The Hunting Party,” Foley’s debut crime & mystery thriller, to investigate who the murderer is (and the victim, too).

The Guest List (2020)

The Guest List

Planning a wedding, you never expect one of the guests to commit murder and ruin this special day.

A pompous celebration, a nearly impeccable one.

Then, bam!

Someone’s murdered. Even the tiniest details turn out to be clues.

Guests’ backstories and pasts constantly change the guessing game for you.

Bet, you never guess – here’s the link to the novel.

The Paris Apartment (2022)

The Paris Apartment

When Jess arrives in Paris to live with her half-brother, Ben, she finds him missing.

What’s happened to him?

She starts suspecting every neighbor in the house.

Excited about old buildings with their to-be-revealed histories?

“The Paris Apartment” brings a perfectly intimate experience of uncovering the truth of its beastly house and its inhabitants. Check Amazon’s price.

Note: You may start eyeing your neighbors suspiciously and skeptically after such a read.

Participation in the Anthology

Marple: Twelve New Mysteries (2022)

Marple: Twelve New Mysteries

Hey, Marple enthusiasts, please, come closer, gather around…

Twelve remarkable pieces about the iconic Miss Marple are waiting for you here.

Some short stories from this collection leave some traces of fanfic.

But not Foley’s. Her writing style stands out in every word.

What Inspires Lucy Foley To Write?

Books by Lucy Foley are inspired by remote spots, trips to art galleries and cinemas, vintage houses, and other novels, too.

The greatest book inspiration and life-changer for Lucy Foley was “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie.

Are Lucy Foley Books Similar to Agatha Christie’s?

Lucy Foley’s latest murder mysteries are masterpieces in the best tradition of Christie with all the vibes of a mysterious undertone.

Her contemporary crime stories and suspense thrillers bear the strong fragrance of fresh perspectives.

Illustrative depictions, intriguing characters, and elegantly-written twists & turns make an extraordinary bunch that underlines her unique identity.

The houses in Foley’s stories are like beasts that swallow their visitors.

She prefers numerous POVs and follows the show-rather-than-tell principle.

What Order Should I Read Lucy Foley Books?

If you enjoy the slow-burn-secret-revealing process while reading, it doesn’t matter which book by Lucy Foley you start with.

All of them convey some Gothic sense (so unique in each novel!) throughout the plotlines. Her historical fiction isn’t an exception.

If you’re in the “who-is-the-killer” fan club, begin with “The Paris Apartment.”

You’ll feel every bit of creepiness and curiosity tickling your nostrils, but you’ll be afraid to sneeze so as not to disturb the moment.


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