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Kingdom of the Wicked – A Dangerous Mix of Dark Fantasy and Thriller

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You’ll get into hell.

Sorry, let’s specify the kind of hell here. You’ll get into the fantasy hell. On condition that you read “Kingdom of the Wicked”, of course.

It could be a simple murder mystery in a fantasy world, but hell no!

Kerri Maniscalco added an impressive pinch of crime to this dark fantasy potion and stirred it (we never know how many times clockwise or anticlockwise) to make you drink it to the fullest and ask for more.

This new adult dark fantasy novel has a perfect brooding atmosphere immanent to all narratives of the Gothic tradition.

It’s the first book in the “Kingdom of the Wicked” series crafted by this author, a cat lover and USA Today & #1 NYT bestselling writer.

If you don’t like long foreplay (before reading, we mean), get your copy of this engrossing and heart-throbbing story right away. Or let us warm you up and tickle your interest in reading “Kingdom of the Wicked”.

Kerri Maniscalco’s “Kingdom of the Wicked” or Why-Do-You-Wait-Read-It-Now

Dark – darker – the darkest…

No, these are not the degrees of comparison for the adjective “dark” (ok, they are, but anyway…)

This is how the story unfolds with all the persistence of the author to get you obsessed with a gloomy dark tone, secrecy, and mystification. And make you crave for more.

A Witch From Sicily

Meet Emilia Maria di Carlo, a stubborn and headstrong teenage girl who has a twin sister, Vittoria. They both work at a family restaurant and, being stregne (witches), have to secretly live among humans.

The setting of Sicily in the late 19th century will create a melancholy atmosphere for those who have ever been to Italy. Even if you haven’t, you’ll find yourself impressed with the cultural bits so sophisticatedly woven into this darkly delicious mystery (with a special focus on “delicious” because of mouth-watering food descriptions). And sangria, of course!

But nothing can spoil a good day like a gruesome crime. And for Emilia, the loss of her sister becomes devastating, but she is longing for vengeance and finds strength in her fury.

When It Comes To The Murder

The supernatural elements and the brutality behind the murder of Vittoria contribute greatly to the nerve-racking experience you get while digging deeper into the book.

Would you want payback, if someone you cared for and loved had been brutally murdered? And if yes, would you pair yourself with a Prince from Hell to do that?

Hold Me Tight, Oh My Wicked Prince

Don’t shy away from confessing that you may get seduced by an enigmatic oh-my-God-how-gorgeous demon.

One of 7 hellish brothers (named after the 7 deadly sins), Wrath is going to help Emilia solve the mystery around her sister’s murder and find the culprit. But the mystical nature of this demoniac Prince is far more complicated than you can imagine.

Might Wrath be actually the murderer? Check whether he is – here’s the link to this book on Amazon.

And you definitely don’t want to miss the surprise of the reveal at the end of the novel. Kerri Maniscalco wrote the ending before drafting the rest of the book.

The Wicked Kingdom Is Waiting For You

Have you ever got intrigued on a whole different level? You will, once you get to “Kingdom of the Wicked”, a sinful read about supernatural creatures and spells, with its enemies-to-lovers romanticism and the impeccable Italian setting.

The thrill that comes while reading about the wicked, supernatural things in the story penetrates your mind, and it looks like you can’t escape it.

And you can almost physically feel an intoxicating jolt of chemistry between Emilia and Wrath.

Wonder what it feels like? Buy the novel.

And welcome to hell!

Pst… Need some more mystery/crime/thrill? Check another bestseller by Kerri Maniscalco – “Stalking Jack the Ripper”.

FAQ about “Kingdom of the Wicked”

Is “Kingdom of the Wicked” a trilogy?


And here’s the order of the books in the “Kingdom of the Wicked” trilogy:

Novel #1: “Kingdom of the Wicked”
Kingdom of the wicked

Novel #2: “Kingdom of the Cursed”
Kingdom of the Cursed

Novel #3: “Kingdom of the Feared”
Kingdom of the Feared

When will the third book be published?

The third novel release is planned for the end of 2022 – September 27, to be exact.

How old is the main character?

The main heroine, Emilia, is 18.

Is “Kingdom of the Wicked” suitable for teenagers?

Yes, but (always that tricky “but”!) we would call it an appropriate read for people aged 16+.

There are no explicit sex scenes in “Kingdom of the Wicked”. (Did we just hear a sound of disappointment?) However, the novel is slightly gory and contains blood depiction, detailed descriptions of violence, and self-harm to get some blood specifically for spells.

Are there any books like “Kingdom of the Wicked”?

Here you are – a list of 7 deadly books like “Kingdom of the Wicked”:

  • “Fortuna Sworn by K.J. Sutton (read our book review)
  • “Poison Study” by Maria V. Snyder
  • “The Cruel Prince” by Holly Black
  • “Daughter of the Blood” by Anne Bishop
  • “Bone Crier’s Moon” by Kathryn Purdie
  • “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness
  • “A Deal with the Elf” King by Elise Kova


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