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Kindle Battery Exclamation Point: What It Means and What to Do about It

Oh, snap! My Kindle displays an empty battery with an exclamation mark. So, has it just died, and should I throw it away?

Take it easy and don’t get panicky. It’s just a Kindle battery exclamation point, not a blue screen of death.

Let’s prove that the Kindle battery exclamation mark doesn’t turn your device into a brick.

Learn how to translate this sign into a human language and see what to welcome it with when it shows up.

What does Battery with Exclamation Point Mean on Kindle?

It’s a critical warning alert that means an e-reader’s battery is utterly exhausted and requires immediate recharging.

Read on to get an explanation of this precautionary notice and figure out how to dispose of Amazon Kindle’s battery exclamation icon.

What Triggers the Battery Exclamation Sign on Kindles?

Kindle Paperwhite battery exclamation point (Kindles like Fire or Oasis may have it too) can emerge due to one of the following triggering factors:

  • The battery is discharged to zero.
  • There has been a system glitch and one of the processes on your device got into an errored state.
  • The battery has come to its life limit.
    Note: Kindle’s battery lifespan is 300–500 cycles of charging or 5–7 years (whichever comes first).

How do I Fix the Exclamation Mark on My Kindle Battery?

Supposedly, your Kindle has a battery with an exclamation point, you attempt to charge it, as you normally do, but it’s still there.

What methods have you tried so far to get rid of that warning signal on your Kindle’s screen?

A shout-out “Why, God, why are you doing this to me?!” or slamming your fist on the table doesn’t count.

Consider something more substantial and test actionable ways to eliminate that ominous battery sign. Follow the steps below:

Solution #1. Connect your Kindle to PC and try force restarting

First, plug the charging cable into a powered USB hub or port on your laptop or PC, connect it with the Kindle’s bottom USB port and leave it for some time.

This connection itself may work as an issue-solver, in this case. Perhaps, your e-reader just needs a bit of contact with another cyborg?

Well, our guess is that the attachment to another device and/or a smaller output current (0.5A in comparison to 1.5A in a standard charger) may produce the desired result somehow.

An optimal solution reported by numerous Amazon forum users is to leave your Kindle plugged into your laptop or PC overnight.

Alternatively, you may go with resetting:

  • Make sure you keep the device connected to the PC or any other power source.
  • Press-n-hold the power button, keeping to the 40-second rule.
  • Release it now.
  • After the screen blinked and went blank, try pressing it one more time for about 3 seconds and check whether the exclamation icon has disappeared.If it hasn’t – let your Kindle charge for a bit (half an hour or so).
  • Return to your e-reader and follow steps 2 and 3.
  • If that exclamation point persists, you might need to allow it to charge longer and then do a reboot again.

Solution #2. Try an alternative USB cable or charger

Yeah, bad chargers happen. Bad cables too. And bad people who enjoy winding and unwinding wires on their fingers chaotically, bending, pulling or biting them…

If your old cable malfunctions, the new one (or the one you use to charge the smartphone) can be handy in this situation.

Similarly, replace your charger with an alternative one to check whether the problem was indeed with a faulty charging tool.

Solution #3. Check the wall socket and Kindle’s charging port – you may need to change one of those

Confirm that the wall socket is functioning flawlessly by plugging some other devices into it.

Then there’s the charging port of your e-reader that may be damaged or full of debris inside.

Examine it and, additionally, check the light indicator near the power/lock button.

Is it lit amber/orange and not blinking? Ok, then the charging port is working well.

However, even when you don’t see any light, you can’t be 100% sure the issue is with the port itself, because the indicator may be unlit under other circumstances too: when you’ve got a faulty cable, charger, or battery.

Solution #4. Take the battery out and insert it back or replace it yourself (only if your warranty is over!)

And only if you didn’t manage to ditch it using the above methods and you’re tech-savvy enough.

Taking the battery out and putting it back works practically the same way as disconnection while rebooting.

You may proceed to some manipulations to replace a Kindle battery yourself.

Instead, choose to pay for its replacement, hiring a professional to do this grunt work for you.

Don’t forget about an eco-friendly way to recycle your “oldie”.

As Amazon partners with Call2Recycle, find a battery collection point near you and get it properly recycled for free.

Solution #5. Claim warranty

If you’ve got a one- or two-year guarantee from Amazon, filing a claim is also possible. Choose a local warranty provider here.

Typically, it’s your last resort, as the exclamation picture is often removed with solutions 1, 2 or 3.

What may Happen if I Ignore Kindle Battery Exclamation Point?

If not addressed as a matter of priority, total depletion does permanent harm to the battery and kills it in the long run.

If you wait till it resolves itself, we’ve got some bad news for you – it won’t.

Things can get even worse: your Kindle may freeze and lock up.

A recharge or restart may help you cope with a frozen locked screen. But not necessarily. Such a happy ending has been rarely experienced by users.

When the battery-emptying-danger signal comes out, it interferes with your to-read plan greatly, especially if reading is more than just a hobby to you.

Troubleshooting it may indeed be time-consuming.

Discover how much time you might have to bite your nails (not the cable!) expecting the recharge to be completed.

How Long should I Wait for My Kindle to Get Fully Charged?

Clearly, you’d like this exclamation point trouble to be gone ASAP.

As a rule, it takes 3–4 hours to get your Kindle recharged by an average charging unit.

This period may be extended if the full exhaustion symbol turns up.

Such “longer” may last even 20+ hours, if charged with a laptop, for example.

Don’t get alarmed if your e-book reader doesn’t start its ordinary routine immediately when the indicator turns green.

It may take the battery some time to weigh the variants: whether to return to its sadistic owner who can double- or triple-bend and even bite the cable or rest in peace instead.

If you’re not that cruel, just make sure you always charge the device the right way.

Stay Cool & Learn How to Charge Your Kindle Correctly

No frustrations anymore. Now you know how to act on that devilish exclamation symbol on your Kindle, so you can keep a cool head and deal with it easily.

Even better – there are some sure-fire ways for extending your Kindle battery life.

And still better – prevent its entire drainage in the future! By using these tips:

  • Set a recurring reminder to never forget about charging your e-reader.
  • Make sure you’ve got the correct USB cable and inserted it to fit both ports accurately.
  • Don’t drain it to the fullest – keep it above 15%.
  • Avoid overcharging – don’t charge it beyond 90%.
  • Charge your device when it’s downloading content (and a bit afterward to let it handle background tasks).
  • Be gentle and kind to your e-book reader and don’t become a savage bully when it comes to its parts either.

Then it will serve you for long and pleasant e-reading years, till death parts you (battery’s death, of course).


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