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It Ends With Us Audiobook

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At the onset of your listening retreat with It Ends With Us audiobook, you never expect a guy aggressively kicking the chair to be one of those monstrous species of human – abusers.

Actually, it may be an Easter egg hidden by Colleen Hoover right at the beginning of the novel.

She uses her writing style as a pill and slips it between the words so that you don’t notice it’s already right inside you.

That’s how she makes you ride her emotional roller coaster.

It Ends With Us, a bestselling contemporary romance and women’s fiction novel, isn’t an exception.

It’s never about the opposites in the book, though.

“No one is exclusively bad, nor is anyone exclusively good.”

You’ll never be able to sort out characters’ decisions into two categories: “bad” and “good”.

Try and see how hard it is – get It Ends With Us audiobook here.

It Ends With Us, or It Hurts All Over Again

What would you do if a hot-like-fire doctor begged you to have sex with him, just for one night?

Ryle, a neurosurgeon, is averted to any romantic bonds. The attraction between him and Lily, a 23-year-old girl, grows, and they build a relationship against all the odds.

When Atlas, Lily’s first love, appears on the horizon, things get worse. Ryle is slowly turning into a monster, just like her deceased father was.

You’ll also hear Lily’s coming-of-age story, unfolding in the letters she wrote to Ellen DeGeneres, the American TV host and her idol.

Lily’s childhood was full of suffering due to family abuse. Read the details in our review of this novel.

Will she have to undergo this again in her marriage this time?

What You Should Know About It Ends With Us Audiobook

Narrator – Olivia Song

Olivia Song elevates this poignant story, modifying her timbre so expressively to overflow you with the broadest spectrum of moods that Lily experiences.

When it comes to the sex scenes, they are narrated by Olivia Song so sensitively that her voice makes your bones fall out of your body.

Eventually, you collapse into a helpless pile of noodles.

The parts with aggression and despicable behavior, however, sound so harsh that you physically cringe.

Olivia perfectly embodies Lily and shows her battle inside: are their relationships with Ryle doomed?

How Long Does It Take To Listen to It Ends With Us Audiobook?

Full of impulsive outbursts, It Ends With Us audiobook runs 11 hours and 11 minutes.

It makes you sweat with cold droplets of literally every emotion possible.

Final Word on It Ends With Us Audiobook

It’s a seamless combination of standout writing and blow-you-away narration.

Your concept of romantic relationships between a woman and a man is undermined by both Colleen Hoover and Olivia Song.

The former manipulates so professionally with words, the latter – with sounds.

Here’s the link to It Ends With Us audiobook.

Enjoy a moving and impassioned performance by Olivia Song, and check our list of more stories like this one to leave you teary-eyed and sleepless again.


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