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Fortuna Sworn – Dark Fantasy in the Urban Scenery

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Have you ever begged for more? To reveal even darker secrets, desires and to face even greater fears?

Then here you go. This is a book that will make you do it turning you into a slave-reader.

Its Gothic vibes transform your will to mystery into unbearable longing for a deeper immersion into the story.

It’s the first novel in the Fortuna Sworn series written by K. J. Sutton, a bestselling author of romance and fantasy.

Meet the Author of Fortuna Sworn

Can you imagine a girl in pajamas drinking Vanilla Chai and writing a mesmerizing dark story? That’s Kelsey Sutton, an author of magical realism and urban fantasy books.

Here are a couple of her awards to mention:

  • Kirkus Reviews Best Teen Book of 2013
  • IndieFab Award
  • Independent Publisher Book Award

Watch this conversation with K. J. Sutton to learn her better. Spoiler: no pajamas in the video.

Now back to the book.

What’s Fortuna Sworn About?

The novel has got a great deal of folklore in it: Nightmares, fae, werewolves, and goblins.

You must have heard a lot about werewolves, goblins, and fae, for sure.

But you’re probably wondering who the Nightmares are.

Nightmares are magical creatures that lure and seduce by changing their looks to the most appealing one, different for each victim.

Their touch makes you experience all the deepest fears and provokes tormenting illusionary visions.

Fortuna Sworn is one of the Nightmares. The last of her race, she’s left alone, as her parents died and her brother, Damon, disappeared under strange circumstances two years ago.

She tries to find her sibling, but in vain. Living a quiet life and pretending to be normal, she works at a restaurant in a small town.

Once she catches the eye of a mysterious and highly attractive faerie, Collith, who saves her and promises to help find her brother at a certain cost.

But is it saving indeed or is it just another sort of “kidnapping” of her thoughts, her will, and her life?

Collith takes her into the magical kingdom full of lies and secrecy. Her journey is a struggle to overcome the obstacles the Unseelie Court has prepared for her and gain their respect.

Will she handle the pressure from the outside and the turmoil of feelings inside her?

Get a Fortuna Sworn book to discover it yourself.

What Makes the Book Stand Out?


Fortuna is one of the bewitching character types you fall in love with immediately due to her impulsiveness, wittiness, and sarcastic nature.

She traps herself in a complex emotional entanglement.

And the battle between strengths and weaknesses inside her is developing in direct proportion to the events that cover her like an avalanche.

The tenseness and abruptness are medium here, but they grow steadily along with the storyline. Especially, starting from the point when Fortuna meets Collith. Is he pure evil?

You can’t be sure. He’s definitely an enigma you’d be thirsty to solve. And you’d want to find out what he hides and why.

Laurie brings still greater intrigue and apprehensive chill into the novel. You can’t guess what motivates him throughout the story.

While Oliver exposes even more of Fortuna’s complexity as a character.

Other characters equally contribute to the brooding atmosphere of the dark in the book.

Gothic and all-grippy plot

You won’t find another similar young adult fantasy that combines paranormal and real aspects so exquisitely in the urban settings.

The supernatural mysticism here is far more sophisticated and adapted.

The “Fortuna Sworn” book is apprehension mongering, seductive and tasty. For some readers, it may even appear bloodcurdling and horrid.

Warning: there are scenes of abuse, whipping, kidnapping, and “poisonous” and destructive relationships.

But somehow, they don’t appall you in the slightest – they actually give you even more opportunities to “taste” the book’s darkly-appetizing flavor.

Final Thoughts on Fortuna Sworn

Even if you’re not a faerie fan, the novel will get you out of a reading slump. Its real-world urban setting offers you a natural presence and co-living with the main characters.

Fortuna Sworn is a must-read for those who want to cross the line between the dark and the darkest in the realm of tempting magic.

Here’s your copy.


How many Fortuna Sworn books are published as of now?

Currently, you may enjoy reading 4 books from the series, with the fourth novel published in January 2022.

When will the next book from the series be published?

E-readers can grab the next book in the Fortuna Sworn saga (the 5th one) on March 7th, 2023.

How many books are there in the Fortuna Sworn series?

The saga has 6 books in total.

Fortuna Sworn series order:

Book 1: Fortuna Sworn

Fortuna sworn

Book 2: Restless Slumber

Restless Slumber

Book 3: Deadly Dreams

Deadly dreams

Book 4: Beautiful Nightmares

beautiful nightmares

Book 5: Endless Terrors

Book 6: Violent Awakening

What is the Fortuna Sworn book genre?

Fortuna Sworn is a dark faerie romance with compelling character relationships you can truly feel developing.

Is Fortuna Sworn spicy?

It tastes like a chili pepper with an exquisite sweet sauce… But is it the spiciest one of the Fortuna Sworn books? I’d argue.

Get a pack of 4 books of the Fortuna Sworn series and compare the spicy elements in the plots.

Does Fortuna Sworn have romance?

It’s literally imbued with forceful slow-burn romance that has an irresistible potential.

What else can I read while waiting for the next Fortuna Sworn book?

Dive deep into another young adult fantasy that isn’t void of romance – “The Selection” by Cierra Kass. And if this one is also finished, we’ve got your back covered with books like “The Selection”.


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