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Emily Henry Books: How to Read Them And Where to Start

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Have you come here for books by Emily Henry, another queen of modern romantic literature?

Why another (and not the only one!)?

Because when any iGeneration (Gen Z) romance reader is asked what’s been on their reading list in recent days, the odds are the highest that these two will be right there: Emily Henry and Colleen Hoover.

Both writers have been labeled as strikingly phenomenal. Their works have occupied numerous spots on the New York Times bestseller lists.

If you’ve dealt with Colleen Hoover books already, naturally, you’ve been dying to soak in the waves of magical realism or dive into the rom-com multiverses in the novels by Emily Henry.

Since her first release, The Love That Split the World, in 2016, this American author was gracefully swimming in the sea of Young Adult Fiction.

It’s full of fantasy, magic, and paranormal for about four years until coming to the shore of Adult Romance island, women’s fiction in particular, with Beach Read in 2020.

And, to the immense joy of her Gen Z fans, she’s staying here for now.

So, let’s get to the point and answer your most pressing questions that concern her works, and then scroll down to the list of Emily Henry books in order.

What Are the Best Emily Henry Books?

Listed below are the best novels by Emily Henry that were recognized by awards or nominations and became NYT bestsellers:

Beach Read (2020)

  • Nominee for Best Romance at Goodreads in 2020
  • Bestseller on the NYT Summer Reading list

People We Meet on Vacation (2021)

  • Winner of Best Romance at Goodreads in 2021
  • Topper on the NYT paperback best-selling list for above a year

Book Lovers (2022)

  • Nominee for the 2022 Goodreads Choice Award
  • Bestseller on the NYT list in May 2022

How Many Books by Emily Henry Are There in Total?

There are eight novels by Emily Henry as of now, 2022.

The latest of them, Happy Place, is still on its way to readers.

And one of them, Hello Girls, was crafted in a duet with Brittany Cavallaro.

On top of that, Emily Henry wrote a short story, Layover, an epilogue to one of the novels, Beach Read.

Any Movie Adaptations of Emily Henry Books?


The news rocked Emily Henry’s readership on October 11, 2022.

That’s when the author confirmed it herself on Instagram: People We Meet on Vacation comes to the big screen!

Currently, Yulin Kuang is working on the screenplay adaptation for Sony’s 3000 Pictures, and Brett Haley will direct the whole great thing for us.

While we’re crossing our fingers for the premier to hit us sooner, let’s get some weightless flutter in our stomachs with the best Emily Henry books in chronological order sorted into two piles: young adult and adult novels.

Collection of Emily Henry Books in Order: From YA to Adult Fiction

Let’s start chronologically with Emily Henry’s debut YA novel in 2016 and move on to the most anticipated adult romance to see the world in 2023.

Emily Henry Novels Suitable for Young Adults

The Love That Split the World (2016)

The Love That Split the World

I just… It’s like… I can’t… even… breathe…

That’s what it sounds like when you finish the novel.

Natalie gets visited by an enigmatic “Grandmother” who warns her that she has got only three months to save the nameless “him”.

She feels that something is wrong and questions what she sees, as things in the town start appearing and disappearing all the time.

But one day stops the world from spinning and her heart from beating. Natalie meets a charming guy, Beau.

Alongside, she listens to Grandmother’s Native American stories and tales about world formation.

Still, she has to solve the puzzling and obscure dilemma deep-rooted in her blocked traumatic past…

Referring to it as just a romantic read would be shallow.

Emily Henry used an utterly refreshed way of incorporating time travel into the story.

She slipped mystery into it matter-of-factly and sprinkled it with light fantasy so that her magically-powered words will get ingrained in your mind, once you read your copy of this eye-popping, swoon-worthy, and bittersweet story.

A Million Junes (2017)

A Million Junes

“Literally two rules: no swimming at Five Fingers Falls and no Angerts.”

When the Angerts’ son, Saul, appears on the horizon, Jack “June” O’Donnell can’t ever speak to him, as her late father cautioned her, because the Angerts and the O’Donnells are the deadliest foes.

Talk of the forbidden!

You know you shouldn’t do it but the temptation grows stronger.

Saul and June are so powerfully drawn to each other.

What happens if they do cross the line? What mysteries are hidden in their genealogies?

Emily Henry turns a Romeo-and-Juliet romance trope into a “wow” of the story with its magical realism and multi-layered emotional “pillow” on which your reader’s head lies down with ease.

The book is also filled with purely angelic friendship (you’ll love Hannah!).

Besides, the plotline encompasses mythology, uncovers the town’s magic, and sheds light on the secrets behind the two family trees.

Get all the truths revealed in your book copy.

When the Sky Fell on Splendor (2019)When the Sky Fell on Splendor

As the terrible tragedy struck the little town, every citizen felt its consequences.

A teenage Franny nearly lost her brother who’s been in a coma for several years already.

The only escape for her from grief and misery is a group of like-minded teenagers obsessed with paranormal, ghostly stories.

The Ordinary. That’s how they call their gathering.

Their investigations distract them from sad and unpleasant thoughts and help keep their chins up.

But one event alters their lives for good.

An enormous blinding light lands from the sky and weird, inexplicable things happen afterwards to the members of the Ordinary.

The small-town heroes may remind you of the Stranger Things series, and you’ll also notice how strongly written and well-fitted into the group each character is.

Check Amazon price for the novel and enjoy a suspenseful and thrilling read.

Hello Girls (2019) in co-authorship with Brittany Cavallaro

Hello Girls

What daughter can imagine her dad falling down the steps and cracking his skull?

What father can provoke such thoughts?

A tyrant, an abuser who plays with his teenage daughter like a puppet in his hands.

Winona lives with a “perfect” father.

Lucille holds her mother and her brother-slash-drug-dealer on her shoulders.

Two high-schoolers, Winona and Lucille, unite in this edgy, dark comedy to steal a car, escape the toxicity of their homes, and face dangers and even more douchebag men on the road to Vegas.

Two authors, Emily Henry and Brittany Cavallaro, team up in an empowering writing journey.

The result will leave you speechless.

Despite the distressing and painful experiences they have survived, the teenagers try to achieve empowerment.

Their friendship becomes a shield against everyone regarding them as toys.

Join the girls’ fiercely feministic, wild ride here.

Adult Romances by Emily Henry

Beach Read (2020)

Beach Read

If you’re going on a vacation and want to take Beach Read along, it will make you forget your holiday altogether.

Prepare to cry your heart out.

Twice, actually, because there’s a must-read bonus content – Layover, a short story and an epilogue to this book.

January Andrews and Augustus (Gus) Everett, rivals from college and both renowned novelists who experience creative slowdowns, live in the nearby beach cottages.

A hopeless romantic author who builds castles in her head but doesn’t believe in true love anymore and a serious, pessimistic literary fiction writer who suffers from childhood traumas.

The only chance for them to crawl out from their comfort zones is to experiment with genres.

Peer into their story to see how they’ll try not to fall in love, throw sarcastic sparks, and explore the boundaries once exchanging each other’s roles.

People We Meet On Vacation (US) / You & Me on Vacation (UK) (2021)

People We Meet On Vacation

Two people-antonyms: Poppy with all her hyper-activity, all-or-nothing riskiness, and adventurous spirit and Alex with his stability and totally-controlled life routine.

They want the opposite things in their lives, but this can’t prevent them from being best friends and even going on yearly trips together.

One of their journeys goes completely wrong, and they part ways.

Can they mend everything now, reuniting in Palm Springs?

How should they rebuild their friendship if there may be something more?

The steamy desire seeps through the pages and fogs readers’ glasses… Grab the book and let yours get fogged.

Enjoy the rom-com wittiness and a friends-to-enemies-to-lovers trope like the one in Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas, also with a pause in relationships when communication cuts off but then restarts again.

Book Lovers (2022)

book lovers

Even if you’re an ice queen and an Evil Villainess of your own life-novel like Nora Stephens, a cut-throat literary agent, your pregnant younger sister can easily convince you to take time off in Sunshine Falls.

Because sisterly love is intrinsic.

But is Nora capable of any other forms of love?

On vacation, she stumbles into her hardly-known nemesis acquaintance, a handsome editor, Charlie Lastra.

“When books are your life […] you get pretty good at guessing where the story is going.”

It’s not that simple, though. A twist can get you choked with wine, so don’t drink anything while reading.

Here’s the link.

It’s one of the best Emily Henry books, which also took its place on our list of novels similar to Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover.

Happy Place (2023)

Happy Place

How to pretend that you love each other after a breakup?

It shouldn’t be that difficult, after all, if it weren’t for your best friends who read you like an open book.

That must be fun.

Wyn and Harriet can’t disappoint their fellows, so they have to play an ideal-couple game. But what if their passion hasn’t faded away completely?

Even though the novel is yet to be published, it has caused a tsunami of excitement in the fan base of Emily Henry.

Those readers who received their complimentary early reading copies have already written over 500 reviews on Goodreads and rated it 4.63.

Add it to your to-be-read list, pre-order it on Amazon, and mark it on your calendar – the expected publication date is April 25, 2023.

How To Read Emily Henry Books?

The above novels by Emily Henry are all standalones, so any order of reading is possible.

You may start anywhere, depending on your preferences.

Whether you’re in your teens or whether you have left those far behind, Emily Henry’s unique style caters to any romantic soul.

The first three books by Emily Henry are for young adults who will be mesmerized by the writer’s ability to intertwine romance, mystery, and fantasy.

Adrenaline will hit your bloodstream like a shot in each of them.

The co-authored novel, Hello Girls, is a serious spit in the faces of abusers.

It’s fresh, sharp, and poignant.

Although it’s a YA story, don’t stop yourself from reading it, even if you’re in your later adulthood.

In her newest novels, Emily Henry targets adults, majorly women, who won’t ever be caught rolling their eyes and thinking oh-how-typically-cheesy.

She sidesteps from cheesiness, grants you an incredible sense of place, emphasizes the power of love and family values, and amuses you with witty banters and sarcasm.

Welcome to the EHLU (Emily Henry Literary Universe), as Goodreads reviewers put it. You won’t regret any second spent in it.


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