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The Complete List of Colleen Hoover Books in Order

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Are you a “messy” reader?

You can’t be if you’re here to find out how to read Colleen Hoover’s books in a concise order.

Yeah, she writes A LOT, and she’s a true queen of the fiction world.

Colleen Hoover is a #1 New York Times bestselling writer and one of the authors that can be called truly phenomenal.

Her titles won the Choice Award for Best Romance 3 years in a row (“Confess” in 2015, “It Ends With Us” in 2016, and “Without Merit” in 2017).

CoHo (the name her fans know her by) specializes in young adult romantic thrillers that can boast of overwhelming psychological tension.

She sprinkles them with intriguing surprises, and when you aren’t looking, she gets into your thorax and pulls out your heart.

And the best books by Colleen Hoover become darker, more emotional with time, and sometimes paranormal.

But which book to begin with?

You never know, right? We’ll try to help you out.

Colleen Hoover Books – Where to Start?

Well, let’s see…

Basically, you may start reading Colleen Hoover novels either with the series (including the co-authored ones), short stories in the anthologies or standalone novels. All of those are sorted by the release year.

Dive into these categories below.

Colleen Hoover’s Book Series in Order

Hopeless Series

In a 4-book spellbinding series, you’ll feel everything that a teenage girl may ever go through: from total disbelief in love to the realism of mind-blowing romance, so unlike the fairytale.

Such changes had never been so creatively and sophisticatedly described by anyone until Colleen Hoover wrote the first book in the series – “Hopeless”.

“Hopeless” will stretch your idea of the totally tormenting and cosmic sensuality of relationships that only a teen can experience.

How would you feel knowing that something is bad and terrifying, but still wanting to get it, to touch it, to know what secrets it may hide?

The novel is full of kissing and manipulations, and you’ll love that.

Just grab it from Amazon and enjoy the sensations that only your body and mind can undergo while reading it

Having read “Hopeless”, you already know Sky, a 17-year-old girl, who is trying to cope with her feelings about Dean. One of the men we often label as “bad guys”.

And he’s actually shown his badness in action.

But you never knew his perspective. Plus – the story reveals some extra scenes that feel utterly compelling and heartbreaking. Look inside Dean Holder’s head in “Losing Hope”.

Get your book copy here.

Full of the teen spirit steam, it’s again a euphoric and nearly maniacally enigmatic story between a teenage girl with a weird name Six (CoHo loves those), Sky’s best friend, and Daniel, Dean’s best friend.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Learn the multi-layered nature of this phenomenon in “Finding Cinderella”, a spin-off story of secondary characters from “Hopeless” & “Losing Hope”.

Check the book on Amazon

The narrator of the novella is Daniel this time. It’s definitely a must-read after you finish “Finding Cinderella”. Wrapped up in Christmas, the story is more than just sentimental and touching.

Need a mix of happy and sad tears?

Buy the book on Amazon.

Slammed Series

Even if you’re not fond of poetry very much, the lyrical and artistic aspects it brings to the narration will be exceptionally fitting and refreshing.

All 3 contemporary romance novels in the series evoke feelings in original, yet literal and completely direct ways.

But you’ll surely find the last book in the series, i.e. “This Girl”, an impressive icing on the top of a tremendously tasty cake.

“Slammed” is Colleen Hoover’s debut novel. It’s an entirely absorbing and emotionally-charged book that will cause butterflies in your stomach.

The romanticism of pain and hope is mingled with the slam poetry obsession that Will thrills Layken with. What will happen to their relationships after a shocking discovery?

Read “Slammed” to let your heart stop for a moment.

The development of romance will keep you riveted to the page once again.

Colleen Hoover manages to steal your concentration with her writing style, the humor, and the maturity of the characters.

She knows how to mess with your emotions, throwing in unforeseen and breathtaking turns.

Order this novel and see whether Will can prove his love to Layken.

“This Girl” demonstrates Will’s side of the love story. But it’s not a simple retelling of “Slammed”. It strikes with deepness, complications, the most intimate and painful memories that he couldn’t share with Layken.

This book is available on Amazon.

Maybe Series

Is this love series worth your time? Maybe (the pun is intended here).

If seriously – again, three more romantic masterpieces from the series by Colleen Hoover are going to knock your socks off and push you to scope out your life from a more profound perspective.

“Maybe Someday” is full of love, betrayal, music, and love again.

Sydney has to overcome the burden of disappointment after her ideal life bubble bursts.

And maybe someday, Sydney’s mysterious longing and insane desire for Ridge will be transformed into something deeper. He discovers his muse in her at last.

Get your copy and see how music is helping them make this bond even stronger.

This novella is a sexy surprise treat for Colleen Hoover fans. It tells an honest enemies-to-lovers story about Warren and “his bitchy new roommate”, Bridgette.

You already know them, as they are Sydney’s and Ridge’s roommates in “Maybe Someday”.

Wanna taste this slice of guilty pleasure and its perfection? Hurry to Amazon.

And here comes Maggie. Ridge’s ex-girlfriend from “Maybe Someday” starts a new life and meets Jack. Can her loyal friendship with Ridge spoil everything? What does Sydney think of it?

You wouldn’t like to forget Bridgette and Warren for comic relief in this book.

This follow-up sequel is at your disposal, written from already 4 perspectives: the viewpoint of Sydney, Ridge, Jack, and Maggie.

It Ends With Us Series

As of today, only the first novel from the series has been released. And it’s one of the top books by Colleen Hoover.

Not in vain.

This swoon-worthy romance is a mixture of passion, hatred, abuse, and the inner power to survive.

The expected publication date of the second story from the series is October 18th, 2022.

It’s a heart-wrenching story about Lily, a girl who has seen so much pain, and emotional & physical abuse, and Ryle, a successful, strong-willed, and cold-minded neurosurgeon.

You can’t believe Ryle will be able to turn respect & love into fear & disgust and make her a victim of domestic violence, can you?

If you’ve already ordered the novel from Amazon and liked it, you’d probably want to peer into our list of books like “It Ends with Us”.

If you’ve “eaten up” an agonizing, inspiring and beautifully flawless New Adult read, “It Ends With Us”, from cover to cover, pre-order “It Starts with Us” to never stop your reading adventure with Colleen Hoover.

Atlas Corrigan, Lily’s ex, will step out from the shadows in this book.

Get the book and hear his side of the story.

Never Never series (co-authored)

Two New York Times bestselling authors, Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher, joined forces to create a mesmerizing tale, full of suspense and enthralling turning points.

They built a world where two high schoolers, Silas and Charlie, have to remember literally everything, not only their kisses.

You may want to get the complete 3-book series right away, but here’s the short summary of its parts:

What would you do if you woke up one morning to discover that all your memories have vanished?

Get a fast-paced, mysterious and thrilling ride with Charlie and Silas to cope with finding out the tricky truth and remembering the love, and not only.

Drop by at Amazon to snag your copy that will leave you with tons of unanswered questions.

The protagonists’ “amnesia” keeps getting weirder and weirder. The race against time has become more dangerous.

And though Silas and Charlie are separated, for most of the book, some light is shed and the tale continues to hold the reader’s interest.

Will the second part of “Never Never” unlock every mystery and question? Check it – here’s the link to the book.

After that cliffhanger in Part 2, it will be torturing to postpone reading the third novel in the series. And the story feels absolutely surreal.

Ready for the grand final of “Never Never” with Part 3? For surprising reveals and betrayals? No spoiler about the explanation of the memory loss here.

Check Amazon price.

Colleen Hoover’s Short Stories in Anthologies (co-authored)

Tired of lengthy series? (Impossible – it’s CoHo!)

Well then, immerse yourself into Colleen Hoover’s short stories in two co-authored anthologies. Both anthology installments, “One More Step” and “Two More Days”, have been presented by The Bookworm Box – a unique service co-founded and established by Colleen Hoover to support charitable organizations.

Who doesn’t want to look inside a writer’s mind? Read “Saint”, a short story by Colleen Hoover from the “One More Step” anthology. It’s a twisted paranormal thriller about a writer who is crossing two worlds.

Buy your copy to take pleasure in all the passion CoHo puts into writing.

In this anthology, you’ll find another well-crafted narration – “The Dress” by Colleen Hoover. With only 23 pages, it’s packed with humor and lots of fitness.

Start reading now – click here to look inside the anthology.

Teeny-tiny spoiler: each story starts with the words: “TWO MORE DAYS until it happens.”

Colleen Hoover’s Standalone Novels

Nothing can be better than a self-sufficient story that starts and ends in only one book, right?

Tastes differ. And reading tastes, when it comes to Colleen Hoover, may get “spoiled” in the best sense after you read all standalone books from the following list.

How many of those can you cover per week? Let’s check.

As you can tell from the title, this book is about ugly love. Indeed? But what is it like?

Ask the culprits: Tate (who doesn’t have time for love) and Miles (the wounded hero who doesn’t want to feel love at all, forbids questions about his past, and blocks any hint to his future with Tate).

Does it have to be meaningless, animal sex then?

Be prepared for hotness! This is a book that has to be read. Here’s the link to it.

If you’re thrilled with enigmas, “Confess” is the one for you to solve. Having faced the brutal and cruel fate, both Auburn and Owen can build their own story.

But can you eliminate the jeopardy of the gut-wrenching pain with an artist who hides so much?

Btw, the novel has been filmed as a series, with Ryan Cooper and Katie Leclerc starring in it.

Buy the book + Season 1 is waiting for you if you’d like to compare the series with Colleen’s narrative.

Would it be enough for you to spend only one day per year with your loved one?

Meeting once a year, on November 9, Fallon and Ben are to accept this challenge. But can they, really?

The novel will blow you away with erotic and addictive lines, with ups & downs, turns & twists.

Order “November 9” on Amazon.

Meet Sloan, Asa, and Luke (Carter is his undercover name) – a college student, a drug dealer, and a police officer.

Does Sloan truly love Asa, with all the immorality that radiates from him?

“Too Late” is far darker and edgier than other stories by Colleen Hoover.

Be warned: it contains the scenes of graphic violence (like depicted murder and rape) and is recommended for an 18+ audience.

Your copy is here if you’re not afraid of such a read.

Without Merit

The Voss family has got so many complications, drama, and secrets…

Mother’s illness, father’s new marriage, difficulties with 2 brothers and a twin sister – that’s not all a 17-year-old girl has to handle.

She meets Sagan and the romantic vibes are somehow mingled with an odd sense of guilt and madness.

This book will pinch all over your soul – check its price.


Hired to finish the series of Jeremy Crawford’s ill wife and world-famous writer, Verity Crawford, Lowen finds an autobiographical manuscript.

Falling in love with her employer, will she dare to expose the dreadfulness of the truths Verity hid from her husband?

Some Goodreads readers might say that it’s the creepiest tale by Colleen Hoover.

Peer into our review of “Verity” or get your copy of this Amazon top 100 bestseller to start reading instantly.

Being married for 7 years already, Graham and Quinn don’t feel the marriage is working.

They are losing interest and faith. But trying to save the marriage, can Graham do it alone?

Even if you’re a stone-cold reader, this book will make your heart blip and thrust pure emotion upon you.

Need a reminder of why you read romance?

Here’s the Amazon link.

What’s in common between a predictable mother and a spontaneous daughter? If these two could achieve a smooth coexistence, there would be nothing for Colleen Hoover to write about.

Morgan doesn’t want her daughter, Clara, to repeat the same mistakes.

After an accident with her father, Clara battles grief, guilt, and anger.

The boy she’s forbidden to see becomes her last hope to find peace inside.

Doesn’t Morgan deserve to be happy too and can she find some understanding from her teenage daughter?

Dig into the novel.

A summer fling with a neighbor?

Hmm, maybe not (no pun intended this time).

Beyah and Samson are two broken people coming of age and finding hope in each other.

But the differences between them are striking and interfering.

That’s where sweetness and sadness collide.

Would you believe it if someone told you that in this story you’ll be a fly on the wall while teenagers get to business in the bedroom?

Do you mind checking? Then buy “Heart Bones”.

A romance theme with evolving paranormal parts – is that what typical New Adult fiction should look like?

Nah. This one is something superbly deeper.

Compared to “Verity”, for example, “Layla” is a still more bizarre monster novel. Who’s creepier and who’s actually Leeds’ soulmate: Layla or Willow?

What choice should Leeds make?

Here’s the book to break you like a wrecking ball.

The love between Scotty and Kenna was so pure, but a terrible accident takes everything from her, including her lover.

Kenna returns home after several years in prison to find her hopes shuttering and breaking into pieces.

She can’t be with her own daughter and needs to master self-forgiveness at last.

Can Ledger, a tattooed bar owner, help her heal?

Enjoy the latest release “Reminders of Him” by Colleen Hoover.

Final Note on Colleen Hoover Reading Order

So here we have it.

To satisfy your perfectionistic and selective nature and guide you on how to read Colleen Hoover’s novels, we have sorted all her books by category (series, anthologies, and standalone stories) and by date (from the earliest to the latest releases).

If you don’t care much about the dates, you may start with the top 3 books by Colleen Hoover: “It Ends With Us”, “Ugly Love”, and “Verity”.

Anyway, it’s up to you to decide. But no matter which novel you start with, there’s no chance that you’re gonna stop reading Colleen Hoover. Ever.


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