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12 Books Like The Song of Achilles

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“The Song of Achilles” is a debut novel by Madeline Miller, who has left readers with a heartfelt love story full of friendship and tragedy. “The Song of Achilles” is a retelling of Homer’s Iliad from the perspective of Patroclus.

Miller’s exquisite prose effectively conveyed the tellings of the Trojan War and the conflict between gods and kingdoms. For more than a decade, this novel has been rated 4.4 on Goodreads.

Madeline Miller is an American novelist who won the Orange Prize for Fiction for “The Song of Achilles”. Miller has also written “Circe”, “Galatea”, and “Heracles’ Bow”.

If you have read this novel, there is no doubt that you are looking for books like “The Song of Achilles”. Keep reading as the recommendations are listed below.

Books Like The Song of Achilles

Circe by Madeline Miller


“Circe”, Madeline Miller’s second novel, is a feminist retelling of Homer’s Odyssey. Circe, the daughter of Helios and Perse, had been an outcast in the immortal world before seeking company in the mortal realm and discovering the power of witchcraft. Zeus, the sky god, exiles her to an island where she perfects her skills.

However, facing the wrath of the Olympians, she is trapped between mortals and immortals and must decide which world is worth fighting for.

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Ariadne by Jennifer Saint


Jennifer Saint’s debut novel, Ariadne, offers voice to the women who are victims of men’s egos in Greek mythology. Ariadne, the princess of Crete, grew up listening to the bellows of a Minotaur, her monstrous brother, from the labyrinth of her palace.

When Athens’ Prince Theseus arrives in Crete to kill him, Ariadne falls in love with him and aids in her brother’s murder. By betraying her family and realm, Ariadne provokes the gods’ wrath.

Now, she must confront the repercussions of her enchanted actions.

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A Thousand Ships by Natalie Haynes

a thousand ships

“A Thousand Ships” by Natalie Haynes is an epic collection about women who faced the aftermath of the Trojan War.

Among the strong women are Penelope, who awaits the return of her husband, Odysseus, from the battle, and Penthesilea, an Amazon princess who fights Achilles.

Iphigenia, the Greek princess, is slain by her father and mother, who kills her husband for revenge.

Read this book to engage in the realm of Greek women’s power.

Exile by B.K. Greenwood


“Exile” is the first novel in B.K. Greenwood’s debut series, The Last Roman. Marcus Sempronius Gracchus was a Roman imperial officer who died in combat while fighting the enemy.

Yet he doesn’t die as he is punished by immortality, spanning over 2000 years. However, when other immortal beings threaten his world, Marcus must save the world.

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Song of Sacrifice by Janell Rhiannon

Song of sacrifice

“Song of Sacrifice” is the first novel in Janell Rhiannon’s Homeric Chronicles series, and it recounts the stories of women from the Trojan War. After being sold into slavery and cruelly raped, the women of this war must make their destiny.

From Clytemnestra of Mycenae fighting to establish a better life for herself to Leda of Sparta enduring Zeus’ onslaught to Penelope awaiting Odysseus’ safe return, these women must make a name for themselves so that the songs of sacrifice might be sung for them.

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Narcissus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse

Narcissus and Goldmund

“Narcissus and Goldmund” tells the stories of two very different medieval men. Goldmund is a religious man who decides to become a monk. In contrast, Narcissus is a man of the world who desires to travel and learn.

Their firm beliefs present a conflict between worldly pleasures and religious duties and how to find peace between the two.

To understand the dynamic between the two realities, visit the store.

The Silence of The Girls by Pat Barker

The silence of the girls

Pat Barker’s “The Silence of the Girls” is another insightful representation of women in Greek mythology books. This novel is also based on Homer’s Iliad, but with a greater emphasis on women.

Briseis was a queen taken by Achilles, a famous Greek warrior who slaughtered her family. However, when Briseis adjusts to her new life, she is kidnapped once more by Agamemnon.

Trapped between the wars of two men and kingdoms, Briseis succumbs to the war.

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Lavinia by Ursula K. Le Guin


Ursula K. Le Guin’s Locus Award-winning novel “Lavinia” offers another recounting of the history of Virgil’s Aeneid. This novel revolves around the princess and the knight who wants to claim her.

Despite her mother’s efforts to match her with a suitor, Lavinia refuses to marry King Turnus. It is prophesied that she will marry a foreigner and cause a war. When the Trojan fleet arrives, Lavinia must decide her fate.

Looking for books similar to “The Song of Achilles?” Check out “Lavinia”

House of Names by Colm Toibin

House of Names

“The House of Names” narrates the events after Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter to the gods and the battle.

Clytemnestra, the wife of Agamemnon, seeks justice for her daughter in this tragedy of betrayal and hopelessness in the legendary family. Electra and Orestes, Agamemnon’s son and daughter, must stop their previous sufferings amid a conflict of devotion and duty.

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Ithaca: A Novel of Homer’s Odyssey by Patrick Dillon


“Ithaca”, published in 2016, tells the narrative of Telemachus, Odysseus’ son. Telemachus, robbed of the opportunity to know his father, descends in the aftermath of the war and loses everything.

Lost in the world, he went on a journey to find out what had happened to his father.

As he arrives at the war camps searching for information, new obstacles await.

Order “Ithaca” and follow Telemachus on his journey.

Daughters of Sparta by Claire Heywood

daughters of sparta

“Daughters of Sparta” by Claire Heywood is one of the books to read if you like “The Song of Achilles”.

Helen and Klytemnestra are raised in a wealthy and uncomplicated world. Married at a young age to the kings, Agamemnon and his brother Menelaos, the only things required were the birth of an heir and the maintenance of a timid nature.

However, as the burden of their husbands’ abuse and neglect grows heavier, they must build a new path in an oppressive society.

Get the book to experience the fascinating retelling of Greek mythology.

The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood

The Penelopiad

Margaret Atwood offers the perspective of Odysseus’s loyal wife while he was gone to war for twenty years.

The Penelopiad, published in 2005, is written from the perspective of Penelope, who raised her son Telemachus alone while maintaining order in Ithaca and keeping suitors at bay who wished to dethrone Odysseus.

When Odysseus returns, he kills Penelope’s suitors and twelve maids, but why?

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These books, similar to the Song of Achilles, will take you on a thrilling, engaging, and magnificent journey through Greek mythology and history fiction while providing a glimpse into the perspectives of those who did not receive much credit for their sacrifices.

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