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Books Like The Guest List: 15 Top-Notch Crime Mysteries

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Why are you hunting for books like “The Guest List”?

Because when asked Which is Lucy Foley’s best book, undoubtedly, your answer will be: The Guest List book.

No matter what lulled you into reading this crime mystery, you don’t have the slightest regret about it, do you?

Ruining the glamor of the wedding in “The Guest List” and taking guests off guard with the murder, Lucy Foley also made you question every single guest in your mind.

She pulled the diversified characters out onto the surface so expertly that, most likely, your assumptions were way off base.

Before scrolling down to the books like “The Guest List” and grabbing one for an absorbing read, there are some questions about “The Guest List” itself you’re probably dying to know the answers to.

Two Main Questions on The Guest List Are Answered!

Is The Guest List a Sequel to The Hunting Party?

Nope. They are the first two crime thrillers in the list of Lucy Foley books in order. Here’s why the novels are alike:

  • Reason 1. The demographic of people is quite similar.
  • Reason 2. Their settings are remote spots.

Is The Guest List by Lucy Foley Going To Be a Movie?

The book’s “adaptation is a long way down the road,” says Lucy Foley in the interview, because “The Hunting Party” will be the first one to appear as a movie.

Now to the most bothersome question.

What Should I Read if I Liked The Guest List?

As you’ve come here to find books like “The Guest List,” we’ve no intention to tease you any second more.

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient

What could have driven a wife to shoot a husband five times in the face?

After murdering her husband, Alicia’s been kept a patient at a special institution.

She’s been refusing to utter a word ever since.

Theo Farber, a psychotherapist, wants to “fix” her.

“The Silent Patient” isn’t silent at all. Listen to it screaming with chill and grim mysteries – here’s your copy.

Your blood will fizz with this intricately-plotted crime thriller!

After breaking out in a cold sweat with this one, read books like “The Silent Patient”.

Hold Your Tongue by Deborah Masson

Hold Your Tongue

A murder.

Unspeakably gruesome brutality.

Now the ball is in the detective’s court.

It’s only the beginning of the game, as a badass cop, with her demons, has to track down a serial killer.

Being locked in a novel full of murders feels almost claustrophobic.

Feel it yourself, it’s available on Amazon.

Dear Child by Romy Hausmann
Dear Child

Lena has been held hostage in the windowless cabin in the woods along with her two kids.

Once she sees a chance, she escapes. But horrors and terrors aren’t truly over.

Is she really the “Lena” who’s been missing for 13 years?

This darkly disturbing crime narrative puzzles you with emotional entanglements, traumas, and twistiness.

You’ll also see the most distorted form of love in this book.

Check its price.

A Conspiracy of Bones by Kathy Reichs
A Conspiracy of Bones

It’s the 19th book in the 21-book series about a forensic anthropologist, Dr. Temperance Brennan.

She may remind you of her namesake in the TV series “Bones”, who was actually based on the author herself rather than on the protagonist of her novels.

In this story, Temperance has to solve two riddles: a horrific death and a missing child somehow connected to the dead man.

Buy the book and investigate the crimes using forensic methods.

The Witch Elm by Tana French
The Witch Elm

Still recovering after being beaten nearly to death, Toby moves to the old family house to care for his unhealthy uncle.

One day changes everything: the skull is found in the elm tree near the house.

Toby has to face investigators and family secrets, too.

“The Witch Elm” is one of the most gripping standalone novels by Tana French.

Feel the intensity of this things-go-totally-bad story – get it here.

When you’ve felt that, we’ve prepared a list of authors like Tana French.

Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell
Then She Was Gone

Laurel’s life has been ruined, since her 15-year-old daughter, Ellie, vanished ten years ago.

Suddenly, a single-and-unbelievably-attractive man, Floyd, appears on the horizon with his nine-year-old daughter, Poppy.

Can Laurel be happy with him, even though she notices some strangeness and clues leading to Ellie?

Tired of clichéd kidnapped-daughter-devastated-mother plots?

The genuine originality of this smart psychological thriller will make your questions grow into a gigantic tangle.

Read the book to get cleverly disguised answers.

We’ve also got it on this list with other engrossing mysteries.

The Last Day by Andrew Hunter Murray

The Last Day

How do you imagine the last day of humanity?

It’s 2059. The world has collapsed.

Now, it’s a political abyss of cruelty and authoritarianism.

There’s Ellen, a scientist.

Then, there’s her dying college professor, who’s got a secret to confide in her.

Is the destiny of humankind in Ellen’s hands?

None of the post-apocalyptic odysseys you might have read can boast of such a powerful and suspenseful atmosphere.

Grab the novel and get the proof.

The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

The Last Thing He Told Me

Protect her.

These are the last words Owen was able to pass over to his wife, Hannah, before vanishing.

She’s supposed to safeguard Bailey, his teenage daughter, who hates her stepmom.

Staggered with loss, they have to cooperate in uncovering multilayered lies and secrecy behind Owen’s past.

This huge-hearted and the ideally-paced story is available on Amazon.

An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena

An Unwanted Guest

Who wouldn’t like to feel the peacefulness and romanticism of the weekend in the welcoming inn somewhere in the woods, out of the city hustle?

Well, it’s hard to feel relaxed when guests get killed one by one. Being entrapped by the snowstorm, they are forced to interact with each other and decipher who the murderer is.

Compared to other books like “The Guest List”, this whodunit storyline is, perhaps, the closest one to Foley’s novel.

It’s up to you to make a verdict, though.

Snag your copy.

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

The Turn of the Key

An ideal family with perfect children living in a magnificent, tech-stuffed house is looking for a live-in nanny.

Rowan falls for an advertisement with the too-generous-to-be-true pay.

It turns out to be a nightmare with the spoiled kids in the creepiest house, with even still creepier parents.

Not that nightmarish?

Wait till one child is killed and the nanny gets into prison.

Who committed the murder?

Enjoy this story-blend of modernity and gothic vibes crafted by “the Agatha Christie of today” – here’s the link.

The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton

The Devil and the Dark Water

Samuel Pipps, a famous detective, is convicted of a crime. Arent accompanies him to Amsterdam for execution but wants to prove his friend’s innocence.

Locked on board a ship, the passengers face something demoniac, see weird signs, and find the marks of death on them.

Is there a demon behind everything?

If you’ve missed the Holmes-Watson duo, this story is definitely for you.

Pick up your book and solve one of the Sherlock-ish whodunits in this historical mystery (set in 1634) with its dark, devilish spirit.

Pine by Francine Toon


A ten-year-old Lauren lives in the community near the pine forest with her father, Niall.

On Halloween night, while driving in the woods, they encounter a woman on the road and bring her home, but she disappears in the morning.

The strangeness of things that happen afterward drives the village turbulent: a teenager goes missing; the rotten smell; a woman lurking behind the trees…

Read “Pine,” and you’ll hear the forest’s whisper with its supernatural, gothic, and folk horror undertones.

Bleak Harbor by Bryan Gruley

Bleak Harbor

Amidst the chaos of jubilation in Bleak Harbor, an autistic teen gets kidnapped.

His mother and stepfather keep getting emails and messages with details nobody could have.

There are hideous secrets this family is hiding.

Can you resist the temptation of lifting up the edges of this family drama and peeking beneath?

Click to buy the novel.

The Elephant Tree by R.D. Ronald

The Elephant Tree

How many complications may a drug dealer’s life contain? There might be even more than you expect.

Scott, a drug dealer; Jack, his brother; and Angela, a marijuana dealer’s daughter, he sees – their lives are meshed with one another.

Meanwhile, Detective Fallon is to investigate the shootings at nightclubs.

Who’s behind those, and what connects all four characters?

Get the whole story here.

The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse

The Sanatorium

So, you’ve tackled “The Guest List” riddle with the locked-on-the-island mystery.

Now it’s time to join a detective’s locked-in-the-hotel quest.

The sinisterness of the hotel (former sanatorium) appalls Elin, a detective who was invited to her brother’s engagement celebration.

When Laure, a fiancée, disappears and guests go panicky, Elin has to pull herself together and fight the building’s shadows.

Visit “The Sanatorium” and shiver with goosebumps all over your body.

Books like The Guest List: Wrap Up

What a list! Literary knockouts and spine-tinglers! The collection of similar books to “The Guest List” is yours.

Remember the “Aha!” moment with “The Guest List”?

Now you’ve got 15 more chances to cry it out loud with the 15 books like “The Guest List”.


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