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14 Best Books About Succulents: Guides and Encyclopedias

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Welcome! You’ve found the only article you need with books about succulents.

Succulents are undeniably adored for their charming shapes and colors.

They bring pure joy to any home garden, making them the hottest trend today.

But how can one become a plant parent? Should one buy every plant if it is better to grow them in pots? How to handle these cute plants properly?

The questions seemed reasonable and catchy to us, so we started researching. The list of good succulent books with ready and complete answers is waiting below.

Happy reading!

What are succulents?

Succulents are amazing plants with a unique talent for storing water in their thick, fleshy leaves, stems, or roots.

They come in a fascinating array of shapes, sizes, and colors, making them stand out in the plant world! Succulents thrive in some of the harshest environments, like deserts and arid regions.

Imagine having a little plant like a water superhero, ready to survive and shine in your home or garden!

So, succulents are your go-to choice if you want a low-maintenance green companion!

Books About Succulents: Succulent encyclopedia

What are the spread types of succulents, where do they grow, and how do they look?

These books about succulents cover many topics: their care, cultivation, and identification. Get ready to remember a bunch of new things!

1. The Complete Book of Cacti & Succulents by Terry Hewitt

cactus books

This succulent encyclopedia contains an extensive photographic A-Z catalog featuring nearly 300 plant profiles. They reveal each plant’s appearance, size, flowering patterns, growth habits, and unique requirements.

Get ideas for creating stunning indoor and garden displays using cacti and succulents. It matches the needs of plant enthusiasts or beginners.

Check out a full-color guide highlighting these fascinating plants!

2. The Timber Press Guide to Succulent Plants of the World by Fred Dortort

guide to succulent plants

The book categorizes plants into 28 logical groups. It encompasses succulent euphorbias, mesembryanthemums, succulent trees, aloes, agaves, and haworthias.

You’ll learn about the plant’s natural habitat, specific cultivation needs, and horticultural purposes. The usefulness of the book spans all levels of expertise.

This essential and timeless resource stands out for years to come.

You will see; you will get back to it repeatedly too!

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3. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Growing Cacti & Succulents by Miles Anderson

cacti & succulents

This book, dating back to 2004, opens up a diverse world of cacti and succulents. It showcases them, ranging from spiky and smooth to round, long, and thin shapes.

It has a high rating on Goodreads, and it assists you in understanding, appreciating, and nurturing these decorative plants.

This volume brings succulents closer to ordinary people who want to learn more about them. The care section offers detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on planting cacti and succulents.

Thus, gardening success will come to you regardless of your level of expertise.

Grab your book!

4. Succulent Flora of Southern Africa by Doreen Court

succulent flora

Meet the highly esteemed reference work and botanical classic! This edition features a fresh design complemented by stunning full-color images. Thus, you will identify every piece.

Initially, this book was published in 1981. Still popular, Succulent Flora has been an authoritative guide for academics and enthusiasts. The third edition includes newly discovered and named species.

Information aligns with current perspectives, and the book’s layout is easy to refer to.

Considering the vast expanse of our succulent flora, this fully updated edition is a timely and valuable addition to the botanical literature of southern Africa.

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5. Succulent and Xerophytic Plants of Madagascar, Vol. 2 by Werner Rauh

succulent and xerophytic plants of madagaskar

This book is an invaluable reference for enthusiasts, researchers, and conservationists.

You will like the stunning illustrations and photographs. They aid in plant identification and showcase these unique species’ beauty and adaptations.

Take this comprehensive encyclopedia that unveils Madagascar’s succulent and xerophytic plant species.

This second volume continues the author’s extensive exploration of the unique flora found in this ecologically diverse island nation.

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6. Succulents: The Illustrated Dictionary by Maurizio Sajeva and Mariangela Costanzo

succulents the illustrated dictionary

Succulents rank among the most sought-after and captivating plants. They boast of various forms that grace wild landscapes and cultivated spaces in homes and gardens.

In this first volume of a time-tested reference, you will discover some of the most renowned and extensively cultivated genera, including agave, haworthia, kalanchoe, and yucca.

Delve into the world of these mesmerizing plants. Every pot has its unique allure and charm. Explore their intriguing characteristics and the wonders they bring to the horticultural realm.

If you are selecting succulents or want to learn about the diversity of these plants, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge within their pages. These valuable resources offer a wide-ranging exploration of various succulent species.

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How to care for succulents: best succulent books

If you’re captivated by the charm of succulents and eager to nurture these delightful plants confidently, you’ve come to the right place! We collected books from different authors and years on that topic.

It is a good hobby since it cultivates nature and gratitude for it.

Is it possible to grow plants without watering them daily? Can one go out on a one-month-long vacation without considering these plants? Or should one ask for a helping hand? The succulent books below will give all the answers!

1. Succulents: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Designing, and Growing 200 Easy-Care Plants by Robin Stockwell

succulents the ultimate guide

Succulents hold the key if you dream of a beautiful garden that thrives effortlessly, even in low-rainfall areas!

Let the book be your guiding light in creating a stunning, water-wise succulent garden anywhere you desire. The possibilities are endless: within beds, borders, containers, between pavers, or right in the desert sand.

Glowing photographs showcase inspiring garden creations. The illustrated guide featuring 113 favorite succulent varieties aids in choosing and utilizing these remarkable plants.

With a step-by-step approach to crafting your plantings, you’ll receive valuable insights on design, siting, feeding, and ongoing care.

Embrace the natural allure of the West in your very own garden with the help of Easy-Care Plants.

2. The Little Book of Cacti and Other Succulents by Emma Sibley

the little book of cacti

Cacti and succulents are tops on Pinterest, so trendy they are.

Interiors and terraces with their chairs become cozy and fresh with proper succulents.

Besides, their colossal advantage is low maintenance. But still, there are a lot of things one should learn to become an owner of a prosperous garden.

This essential and user-friendly guide reveals the secrets of the 60 popular varieties. It focuses on their propagation and care.

Despite a wealth of invaluable information, this book comes at an impossibly affordable price.

Alongside handy tips, you’ll find a reference for tackling common problems and pest control, ensuring your green companions easily thrive.

Embrace the allure of these captivating plants and nurture them with confidence, thanks to the wisdom found within these pages.

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3. Cacti and Succulents Handbook by Gideon F Smith

cacti & succulents handbook

One more time, the book collects information on 140 common species!

It is impressive how the author collected all the valid facts and images. Nothing strange here, as Gideon F Smith is an expert on succulent plants.

He contributed to over 900 scientific and popular papers and more than 50 books about cacti and succulents. His knowledge and experience make this book a valuable resource for plant enthusiasts.

This volume covers 60 different cactus species. You will read about golden-barrel cactus, crow’s claw, and 12 types of succulents, including yucca and agave.

You’ll also find details about seven famous collections of these plants in botanical gardens worldwide. With 200 color photos, spotting and identifying cacti and succulents in the wild is easy.

The book describes how to cultivate these plants and their natural habitats, care for, handle them, and deal with common pests and diseases.

The author’s knowledge and experience make this book a valuable resource for plant enthusiasts. Make this handbook a perfect companion for anyone interested in cacti and succulents.

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4. The Gardener’s Guide to Succulents by Misa Matsuyama

books about succulents

If you want to spend time with an aesthetic book, this captivating visual reference is a good choice! You get over 125 plants from 40 different genera of succulents and cacti.

This book is a valuable resource for all succulent lovers. It is excellent for all readers’ ages as it explains and educates in simple words.

Succulents come in a mesmerizing array of shapes, colors, and sizes. Plant enthusiasts love them with their fleshy, spiny, hairy, and flowering forms.

Because of this, it is easier to add charm and vibe to the room. This book offers a stunning overview of the diverse beauty succulents have to offer. You will see striking identification photos, rich in color and contrast, making plant recognition a breeze.

Besides, you will get inspiring ideas for group plantings and helpful tips for indoor planting. Read about various popular plants to help you create visually striking compositions.

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5. Indoor Succulent Care by Allen R. Griffin

indoor succulent care

Prepare to enhance your succulent caring skills and experience the joy of raising these remarkable plants. Discover the peace and beauty they can bring to your interior design.

Investing your time in growing succulents is truly rewarding, even if you start with a non-expensive book on Amazon.

Sadly, many struggle with proper succulent care or have the wrong plants. But fear not!

This book is designed for beginners, guiding you step-by-step as if you knew nothing about succulents. Learn how to care for them and ensure they thrive in your care.

Embrace the journey of nurturing your succulent plants for optimal growth.

Start caring for your succulents better now

6. A Beginner’s Guide to Succulent Gardening by Taku Furuya

succulent gardening

This book will become your friendly companion for those new to succulents. It covers all the basics. You will know how to choose suitable varieties and create the perfect growing environment.

Besides, you will eliminate the fear when potting and transplanting tasks.

You’ll learn about peak periods, seasonal traits, and how to maintain a beautiful succulent garden year-round. Then, you will boast of the knowledge of how to care for succulents, water, and fertilize them.

The book contains helpful tips, like:

  • what to look for when buying a plant,
  • troubleshooting signs of distress,
  • trimming leaves and stems,
  • starting new plants from cuttings.

You will get clear diagrams, fact sheets for each variety, and inspiring photos of housed succulents. You will adore the simplicity of the inexpensive guide.

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7. Succulent Style: A Gardener’s Guide to Growing and Crafting with Succulents by Julia Hillier

succulent style book

If you’re on the hunt for succulent and cactus books, you won’t want to miss Succulent Style.

Embrace the beauty and versatility of succulents with this comprehensive book. It provides all the knowledge you need to grow these stunning plants and even create cool crafts.

This go-to reference is perfect for anyone eager to grow and maintain succulents. From propagation techniques to styling ideas, this ultimate guide covers it all.

Whether you want to care for indoor cacti or learn about designing with succulents, this book has something for everyone.

With beautiful photographs and informative content, Succulent Style is a must-have for any home. It will look at a coffee table or bookshelf.

8. Prick: Cacti and Succulents: Choosing, Styling, Caring by Gynelle Leon

books about cacti

Cacti and succulents have become the hottest trend. They captivate Instagram and Pinterest and find their place in stylish homes.

They are cute and lovely.

Still, although they are simple, they are only in some homes. So, their striking shapes and vibrant colors make contemporary living spaces unique.

Not only are they easy to care for, but they also bring a sense of tranquility and mindfulness.

Gynelle Leon, the founder of London’s first-ever cacti and succulent shop, Prick, shares her secrets on transforming any home.

With inspirational styling tips and practical advice, she shows you how to bring the outdoors inside.

Discover the wide cactus varieties and learn how to care for and style your houseplants like a pro. Get ready to elevate your home decor with these chic and resilient beauties.

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Books About Succulents: Conclusion

You can discover and cultivate succulents with various good books to guide you. You will find anything, from learning about different species and their care to incorporating them into your home.

These succulent books offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

So, point at the books that catch your eye, and let your curiosity lead the way. Start your flourishing home garden filled with the beauty and charm of succulents. Happy reading and happy gardening!

FAQs on Books About Succulents

What is the best book on succulents?

It is your task to find it! Different types of books on succulents focus on different needs. Some give encyclopedic lists, while others share tips on handling and watering. The best book on succulents depends on your specific needs and interests. Check out our list of books and choose the one book from our list that suits you best.

How do you learn to grow succulents?

The answer sounds simple, yet it requires succulent parents to do their homework.

To grow succulents, research their specific care requirements. Then, observe and experiment with different varieties, sunlight, watering, and soil conditions.

Books with practical knowledge and experience will be your helping hand in this journey.

Are succulents the easiest to grow?

Yes, succulents are generally considered some of the easiest plants to grow. They are resilient and able to store water in their leaves.

Thus, they do not need high maintenance and tolerate various conditions.

Yet, growing succulents varies depending on the specific species and your local climate. So it’s essential to research and understand the needs of your particular succulent.

Full list of Succulent Books

Hope you’ve enjoyed the article! Find more exciting books about plants here.


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