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Afterschool Resources to Keep Your Kid Busy and Smart

If you are a parent, the desire to grow a smart kid is natural.

At the same time, you would want to find the balance between growth and development with the joy and fun of being a child.

So most likely you will surf around every day looking for the tips, and sources to contribute to this goal.

On the eve of International Children’s day, we have gathered everything you may need for your kid’s development and categorized the best children learning resources by the type of activity for your convenience.

So get ready to bookmark these valuable resources:

Education and Projects

education and projects

National Geographic Kids

Who does not like National Geographic? With the version adapted for kids, your child has an opportunity to explore the world through educational videos.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Designed by kids for kids with kids in mind. With this resource, you and your children can explore 5000 years of history in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with interactive maps and educational videos.

Almanac for Kids

This resource contains different activities, videos, and interactivities like traveling in time, observing the night sky, and diving deep into astronomy, as well as learning more about nature.


Designed to teach kids love books and reading, Biblionasium can serve as a powerful tool for teachers and parents as well as a social network often described as a Goodreads analog for kids.

Make Me Genius

Created by a schoolboy who was searching for help with his homework now transformed into this project and a Youtube channel with a lot of learning materials including educational PowerPoint presentations.

Raising Empowered Kids

The future of children begins here — Raising Empowered Kids offers educational programs aimed at teaching children vital life skills such as financial literacy and principles of entrepreneurship. A great platform to help your kid discover their interests and talents.

Сool Math

Everything math-oriented. Your relationship with math doesn’t matter — you may love it or hate it, but the fact remains that you will enjoy exploring this website. It is full of games, tests, quizzes, and detailed explanations of formulas and rules helping everyone understand the subject better.

BBC History for Kids

Attention to detail and great storytelling to make your kids interested in learning history. You will find short and concise videos describing history in all its beauty. From the ancient world to our days in an easy-going manner.


This resource is oriented towards spreading environmental literacy through videos and other materials on the topic adapted to the kids to increase their awareness about climate change. Also available in Spanish.

Fuel the Brain

All-in-one solution for kids’ education. Here you can find education materials like teacher guides, printables, interesting activities for kids, and even mini-books.


This resource is a public learning laboratory where you can explore the world from all angles starting from science and ending with art. You can browse the material by subject and find all the necessary information to help your kids learn better. The platform also hosts offline events for teachers and families to offer more learning engagement.

Time for Kids

The legendary news magazine is adapted for kids that can be read both at home and in school environments. Suitable for a wide range of audiences including not only kids but their parents, and education representatives.

How Stuff works

The community of enthusiasts founded this resource to encourage curiosity. Here, experts explain the complicated concepts and principles of how things work in plain words. The platform develops in different directions including articles, podcasts, and videos.


Started as a website aimed at learning kids how to read, Starfall transformed into an inclusive resource for pre- to elementary school including materials on learning math, English as a native or a second language, and many more in a playful manner.

Mystery Science

Designed as a helpful resource for teachers, Mystery Science helps them to make the children’s curiosity light burning brightly. The platform includes planning, organizing, and learning materials to deliver interesting classes that kids will love.


Combining all possible activities for kids from coloring pages to sudoku adapted for young age, this website will be a great source for organizing your kid’s development and learning better.

Games & Activities

Games & Activities


Toy Theater

Built for pre-school kids, Toy Theater makes it possible to dive deep into learning math, reading, or science through various fun games.

Turtle Diary

A place where you will find more than a thousand activities to organize the learning for your child. Also, with school life in mind, the activities are organized to be useful at home, in the classroom, or integrated with Google tools for online learning.


Another great source of learning games featuring 300+ activities categorized by the subject you want to learn with the parental control in mind: all the games are entertaining and safe for children.


The best community for kids organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where your kid can learn the basics of writing the code just by playing games. If that’s not enough, the platform is free and available in seventy languages.

Learning Games for Kids

Oriented at kids of preschool and elementary school age, Learning Games for Kids is full of activities that will help your young ones to grasp the knowledge of math, language, and science faster.

Fun Brain

Applicable for both school and home environments, Fun Brain is often called a leader in the market of free games for kids. No surprise here, as nice website design and quickly loaded games at no cost will make you bookmark and revisit it every time your kid asks to play something.

PBS Kids

One more resource full of games, educational videos, and other learning apps. Convenient navigation and regular updates with new games will definitely attract your kids’ attention to this website.


One of the best all-inclusive resources for everyone — kids, their parents, teachers, mentors, etc. Apart from the focus on learning gamification, it’s built to boost the understanding of school or preschool subjects. It contains activities, routines, and other learning materials for kids. On top of it, the platform has a great set of values used to power its mission. Go check them out.

Tips & How-Tos

tips & how-tos


Can’t get your kid off the screen? Use this time to engage your kid’s creativity by participating in contests, playing games, and learning new skills in this social learning app.

33 DIY Ideas for The Kids to Make at Home

From DIY fruit magnets to homemade guns — this is an incredible list of ideas to keep your kids entertained.

Freckle by Renaissance

Engaging student-centered literacy and math training that adapts to every student’s level of knowledge. Differentiated resources, self-paced exercises, and educator-driver learning.

Art for Kids Hub

This YouTube channel is an amazing hub of creative ideas for kids of all ages. With these fun videos, learn to draw grapes, dragonflies, cherry blossom trees, and many more.

How to Teach a Child to Read: 9 Fun and Easy Tips

This article contains easy-to-follow and actionable pieces of advice on teaching kids to read. A big helper for you and your kid’s reading journey.

Doodles Academy

Visual art education matters and Doodles Academy provides free and low-cost resources so that every child and teacher has equal access to quality learning materials.

35 Crafts for Kids That are Fun, Easy, and Will Keep Them Entertained

Another collection of absorbing activities that won’t leave any child bored. Rainbow wand, lava lamp, and play dough are just a few examples of activities from the list.

Crafts for Kids — Tons of Art and Craft Ideas for Kids to Make

This article provides thematic ideas for crafting sessions such as Father’s Day, Monsters, Animal ideas, and many more.




Brain On

This one will be interesting not only for kids but for adults too. The podcast aims to evoke curiosity in everyone by combining science with storytelling to tell fascinating stories about everyday things.

But Why

Why is the sky blue and the grass green? If you struggle to invent answers to neverending questions from your kid, this podcast gets your back covered. Plus, it’s a great way to improve your general erudition.

The Past and The Curious

History podcast created by enthusiast Mick Sullivan helps kids, their parents, and anyone interested in understanding history better through the mix of jokes, real facts, and thorough research that is worth admiration.

Circle Round

Great selection of folk tales from all the cultures adapted for children of age 4+ years encouraging better to understand the importance of kindness, generosity, help, and other virtues. Perfect for bedtime.

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids

Here’s the place where scientists are helping kids to learn more about science and inspire them for their own discoveries.

Wow in the World

Created by people who want families to spend less time in front of the screens and more time together. Features overviews about interesting things happening in the world now.

Little Stories for Tiny People

The description “Anytime and bedtime stories for kids” says everything. We don’t have anything to add here.

Children’s Books Daily

Book talks, recommendations, and reviews from the hosts Allison Tait and Megan Daley will make your kid love reading (If it’s not yet the case).

Stories Podcast

As it might be guessed from the name, it’s all about stories. Entertaining listening for kids and their families releasing new episodes every week.

Book Club for Kids

Short sessions for up to 20 minutes about books for schoolchildren where kids discuss their favorite books. Features interviews with famous authors and will be interesting for all teenagers who always have a nose in the book.

Bonus: Summer Learning Resources

summer learning

Summer Reading

As summer is approaching, it’s high time to ponder over the question of how your kid should entertain during the holidays. This website is to the rescue. Here you can find all-encompassing summer reading lists grouped by categories. What’s interesting is that no matter how specific the interests of your kid are, most likely you will find a list for that. Dinosaurs, birds, oceans, interventions, and more topics are open for exploration.

Summer Fun

Great collection of printable materials to entertain your child during the summer holidays. Coloring pages, problem-solving, and many more interesting activities. Visit the page.

24 Cheap Summer Activities for Kids

If you plan a busy summer for your children, this article will guide you through the top summer activities for kids that won’t break the bank.

What sources do you use to keep your kid active and intelligent?

Let us know in the comments below.


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